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Jacob Alewijnsz
speldemaker (1593) 1
of north west corner of the Jacob Geritsen Straet 2
buried 10 January 1608, Oude Kerk, Delft 3
In 1593 a Jacob Alewijnsz Speldemaker (surname or occupation?)
obtained permission to build a warehouse for his house on the north
west corner of the Jaep Gerritsstaet (Delftgemeentearchief, Consent
boek 1 f.40, 23 Sept. 1593

On the 10th January 'Jacob Alewynsz inde Snoock, oude langendijck'
was buried from the Oude Kerk.

Of the five children that I have assumed are his, Alewijn and Willem are
certainly brothers, since Josina Tol, daughter of the latter, refers to Jacob,
the son of the former, as her cousin in her will of 1663; Sara Jacobsdr Tol,
in the Weeskamer records dated 1663, is referred to as the aunt of Jacob
Alewijns Tol; In 1633 Maria Jacobsdr. Tol refers to 'Elsgen Willems, daughter
of her brother'; in her will dated 1630, Jannetgen Jacobsdr mentions the
children of her late brother, Willem Jacobsz.

(Many thanks to Bob Kernkamp for the extra information provided
from the Delft archives on this family)



Maritgen Jacobsdr
d. c1633

Sara Jacobsdr


Willem Jacobsz.
d. c1622

children of Jacob Alewijnsz and

Alewijn Jacobsz. died 1621
died 1621
buried 5 July 1621, Oude Kerk, Delft
 married 20 August 1606 Delft

Maritgen Joosten died 1644
of De Snouck, on the corner of Jacob Gerritsz Straet

Maritgen Jacobsdr Tol died circa 1633
died circa 1633
buried 22 December 1633, North Transept, in the Choir, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft
 married 20 August 1595 Delft

Gerrit Willemszn. van Sassen circa 1572-1652
shoemaker (1595)
of omtrent de [keulvoorte]

Sara Jacobsdr vander Tol 4 died 1642
of east side of the Oude Delft, Delft 5
died 9 September 1642 6
buried 12 September 1642, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 7

Notes: She and her sister Maritgen Jacobsd were both married
on 20th August 1595.

She was married as Sara Jacobs and buried in 1642 as
Sara Jacobs vander Tol.

 married (1) 20 August 1595 Delft 8

Dirck Jansz. Lagerlant circa 1573-1633
glassmaker (1595)
born circa 1573 9
died September 1633
buried 14 September 1633, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 10
 married (2) 10 May 1636 Oude Kerk, Delft 11

Jan Willemszn. van Cuijlenburch died 1640
schepen (1636)
died 6 September 1640, Delft 12

Jannetgen Jacobsdr 13 died 1636
of Turfmarkt, hoek Molsteeg 14
died May 1636
buried 28 May 1636, Oude Kerk, Delft 15
will dated 3 May 1630

Notes: Since Cornelis Jansz Driebergen, who was a
witness to the marriage contract of Maria Gerrits van Sassen,
was described as her uncle, it seems a likely assumption that
Jannetgen Jacobsdr. was a sister to Maria Jacobsdr. van Tol.

She and Arien Knotter do not seem to have had any children
baptised in Delft.

 married (1) 10 March 1603 Delft Town Hall 16

Arien Jansz Knotter
linen weaver (1603)
born Leiden
buried 19 October 1625, Oude Kerk, Delft 17
 married (2) 27 September 1626 Delft Town Hall 18

Cornelis Jansz Driebergen
of Turfmarkt, hoek Molsteeg 19
will dated 3 May 1630

Notes: When he married in 1626 he was described as a widower from Rijnsburg.

Willem Jacobsz. Tol died circa 1622
died circa March 1622
buried 7 March 1622, Oude Kerk, Delft
 married 3 May 1609 Delft

Sara Michiels Soetens died 1650
of Jacob Gerrits Straet, Delft

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