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Dirck Jansz van Nooije 1




children of Dirck Jansz van Nooije and

Heijltgen van Noijen 2 died 1680
died July 1680 3
buried 15 July 1680, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 4
will dated 25 June 1651

Notes: In the marriage register her name is given as Helena, but in
her joint will with her husband she signs her name Heyltgen.

In their will dated Delft 14.12.1649 (ONA 2040-82) Jacob is described as
sick. if she dies before he does, and without children, then he will be
obliged to pay 600 gulden to her grandparents.

She married secondly, in Delft on April 14, 1659, Oude Kerk, Caesar van
Leeuwen, apotheker in Rotterdam (1645), and later in Delft. There are
two children of her second marriage baptised in Delft.

(Most of the above information from Bob Kernkamp)

 married (1) 8 August 1646 Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 5

Jacobus Willemsz Tol died 1655
surgeon (chirurgijn) 6
of Ouderlangendijck 7
died between 26 and 29 October 1655 8
buried 29 October 1655, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 9
will dated 26 October 1655
 married (2) 14 April 1659 Oude Kerk, Delft 10

Cesar van Leeuwen
apotheker 11
of Rotterdam, later Delft 12

Notes: He was baptised in the Oude Kerk, Delft, on the 9th Oct. 1619 ,
son of Frans Jacobsz van Leeuwen and Jannetje Tobias Brats and died
after 1 Sep. 1682. Caesar van Leeuwen had been married firstly, in the
Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, on October 12th, 1644 to Francijntje Claes Paspoort.
She was buried Delft Nieuwe Kerk on April 22, 1654, and was the
daughter of Nicolaes Lambrechtsz Paspoort (pachter van bieren over
Kralingen (1622) and collecteur zoutimpost (Delft of Kralingen) (1622))
and Maritgen Willems Sloting. He married secondly Annitge van der Wel
who was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, on 28 November 1658.

Maria van Noijen 13

Johannes van Noijen 14 died 1661
predikant at Hellevloet 15
born Hellevoetbinnen 16
died 1661 17
buried 1 November 1661, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 18

Notes: He was a widower when he married Eefje Tol.

The burial in November is most likely his, although the
burial register gives just 'Johannes van Nooijs' since Eefje
Tol was buried just five days later, described in the same
register as 'Elssie Tols, Weduwe van Johannis van Nooijs'.

Bob Kernkamp tells me that he was born in Delft c. 1624
and that he was a Gereformeerd predikant at Nieuw Helvoet
(apparently not identical to Hellevoetsluis) 1648-1662.

 married 26 March 1653 Delft 19

Elsgen Willemsdr. Tol died 1661
died 1661
buried 3 November 1661, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 20

# The parents of Dirck Jansz van Nooije

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