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Theunis Bota
died circa 1746
Maria Magdalena Snijman
died 1723
Christoffel Botha Theunisz:
1713-circa 1764
Ester Potgieter
died circa 1737
Maria Magdalena Botha 1
born 1736 2
baptized 5 February 1736, Drakenstein 3
died circa 1775, (dated of inventory) 4
Her children listed in the order given in the will of Schalk Willem
du Toit and his second wife, Maria de Bruin, in 1778.

The only child of these mentioned in Schalk Willem's will of 1810
is Maria Catharina.


Schalk Willem du Toit
1743-circa 1814
farmer (between 1775 and 1777) 5
of Artoys, Land van Waveren 6

Hester Petronella
1766 -

Maria Catharina
b. c1767

Anna Magdalena
b. c1768

Schalk Willem
1772 -

Margrietha Elisabeth
b. c1775

children of Maria Magdalena Botha and Schalk Willem du Toit

Hester Petronella du Toit 7 1766-1786
born 1766 8
baptized 29 March 1766, Tulbagh 9
died 29 March 1786, Land van Waveren 10

Notes: There are two entries in the list of deaths
for Tulbagh for Hester Petronella, daughter of
Schalk Willem du Toit, 8 May 1783 and 29 Mar 1786.
In the Tulbagh Deaths (VC 655) there is a note at
the end of the year 1775: NB: naidato [ ]ntwaard: 2
kinderen overl: (bent Hester en Anna Catharina)
van Schalk Willemsz van der Merwe.

Maria Catharina du Toit 11 born circa 1767
born circa 1767 12

Roedolph Brits 13

Anna Magdalena du Toit born circa 1768
born circa 1768 14

Johannes Stephanus Joubert 15

Schalk Willem du Toit 1772-circa 1805
born 1772
baptized 16 August 1772, Tulbagh
died circa 1805
 married 29 April 1792 Cape Town

Hester Cicilia Burger 16 born 1763

Margrietha Elisabeth du Toit born circa 1775
born circa January 1775 17

Notes: In her father's will dated 1810 she is referred to as Elisabeth du Toit.


Pieter de Villiers 18

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