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Jaques Pinaard
died circa 1714
Esther Fouche
died circa 1697
Jacob Pienaar 1
farmer 2
of Leeuwenthuijn, situated by the Oliquastberg
in the Wagenmaakersvalleij
born circa 1692
died circa August 1751, (date of Inventory) 4
According to the inventory drawn up after his death, in 1751, he also
owned a second farm in the same area, called De Compagnies Rivier.
This inventory suggests that they lived in a fairly modest way and that
wine making was an important part of their farm production.

Details of the children from this same inventory and the Estate
Accounts drawn up in 1774 after the death of Louisa Cordier.

The farm, Leeuwenthijn, was sold to the son, Louis Pienaar, on 15th
January 1754.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 21 January 1714 at Stellenbosch 5

Louisa Cordier
died 1774

1714 -

1717 -

1718 -

1722 -



1729 -

children of Jacob Pienaar and Louisa Cordier

Hester Pienaar 1714-before 1751
born 1714
baptized 28 October 1714, Drakenstein
died before 1751
  extramarital relationship

Jacob Pietersz Erasmus 6

Martha Pienaar 1717-1798
born 1717 7
baptized 21 March 1717, Drakenstein 8
died 20 October 1798, Waveren 9

Lourens Pietersz Erasmus 10 died before 1774
farmer (1751) 11
died before 1774 12

Jacob Pienaar 1718-before 1751
born 1718 13
baptized 4 December 1718, Drakenstein 14
died before 1751, (assumed from date of his father's inventory) 15

Notes: He is not mentioned in the Inventory of his father's
deceased estate, drawn up in 1751, and had presumably
died before that date without leaving children. See also
my notes on this subject in Familia 42 (4) 2005.

Johannes Pienaar 1722-1783
born 1722
baptized 18 October 1722, Drakenstein
died 10 July 1783, Land van Waveren
 married after 1746 (date of death of first husband)

Anna Sophia Burger 16 died circa 1802

Francina Pienaar born 1725
born 1725 17
baptized 4 March 1725, Drakenstein 18

Carel van der Merwe 19 born before 1774
farmer (1751) 20
born before 1774 21

Louis Pienaar 22 born 1727
born 1727 23
baptized 23 November 1727, Drakenstein 24

Johanna Pienaar 1729-1787
born 1729, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 6 November 1729, Drakenstein
died 9 October 1787, Waveren

Johannes du Toit pietersz: 25 1731-1784
of Vissersdrift, Land van Waveren

# The parents of Jacob Pienaar

I have assumed that he was the same Jacques Pienaar who was the son
of Jacques Piennar and Esther Fouche and mentioned in the inventory
drawn up after her death in 1697. Certainly he and Louisa Cortje were
the witness at the baptism of the first son of Pieter Pienaar and Johanna
Terje in 1715, and also one of the two guarantors who signed the Deed
of Inheritance (Acte van Uijtkoop) for the children of the deceased Pieter
Pienaar in 1735.

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