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Louis Cordier 1
died circa August 1702 2
There are only four children for whom I can find documentary evidence
as being his children - they are Jeanne and Susanna whose husbands
are described as the sons-in-law of Louis Cordier in the inventory of 1702,
and Jacobus and Phlippus, for whom baptismal records exist.

In the estate accounts of 1710, howeve, when his land was sold and the
proceeds distributed among his heirs, each of whom received 265 gulden,
these heirs were named as:
Matthijs Frissas
Louijs Fourije
David Jacobs
Francoijs du Pree
Jacob Cordier
Jan Cordier
Marten Cordier
Philip Cordier

I have therefore taken this as the definitive list of his children surviving
at that date and have arranged them in that order. Presumably the four
daughters had been born in Europe and arrrived with their parents.


Francoise Martinet
died 1701









children of Louis Cordier and Francoise Martinet

Janne Cordier

Matthijs Frachas 3

Susanna Cordier

Louis Fourij 4

Louisa Cordier died 1774
died 22 November 1774, Waveren
 married (1) circa 1702 (assumed, based on baptism of first child)

Daniel Jacobs 5 died before 1714
 married (2) 21 January 1714 Stellenbosch

Jacob Pienaar 6 circa 1692-circa 1751
of Leeuwenthuijn, situated by the Oliquastberg
in the Wagenmaakersvalleij

Maria Cordier 7

Francois du Preez 8

Jacobus Cordier 9 born 1689
born 1689 10
baptized 25 October 1689, Stellenbosch 11

Jan Cordier

Marten Cordier

Philippe Cordier born 1698
born 1698 12
baptized 26 October 1698, Drakenstein 13

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