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Mathew Reid Sharman
born circa 1831
Mary E.
born circa 1839
Mary Nona Sharman 1
Colonial Medical Services, Ceylon. Lecturer in anatomy at the University of Colombo. On the staff of the Lady Havelock General Hostpital. 2
born 28 October 1872, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 3
died 22 December 1953 4
She was a medical doctor (London 1897 and university of Glasgow).
She spent many years in government service (she was lecturing in
Ceylon when my father was born) and then in private practice at

She ended her working life as the Superintendant of the Karney
Soldiers Home, Maascar, Egypt from 1939 to about 1943. The home
was bombed and she made her way down to South Africa where
she spent her last days near Vryburg on the farm of her son,
Hereward Fysh.

(notes from Mark Fysh of Pretoria)

married 25 June 1901 5

Robert Parker Fysh
master mariner 6

Patrick Robert John
1902 -

Hereward Mathew Stephen
1904 -

Christopher Mark
1906 -

Michael Walton
1914 -

children of Mary Nona and Robert Parker Fysh

Patrick Robert John Fysh 7 1902-1925
born 19 March 1902
died 14 November 1925, Greenwich

Notes: He was unmarried at the time of his death at Greenwich in a
motorcycle accident.

(information: Mark Fysh)

Hereward Mathew Stephen Fysh 1904-1970
born 9 April 1904, N'Eliya Town, Western Province, Ceylon
died 7 December 1970, Vryburg, Northern Cape

Ada Joyce Glanville born 1917

Christopher Mark Fysh 1906-circa 1976
born 27 November 1906
died circa 1976, Aberystwyth, Wales


Michael Walton Fysh 1914-1933
born 1914
died 16 February 1933, Bristol 8

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