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Samuel Eyre
John Slagg
Sarah Scales
born 1781
Elijah Eyre
Jane Slagg
Mary Elizabeth Eyre 1
born between 1824 and 1825, Park Hall, Derbyshire 2
died 1 May 1870, Ladbroke Grove, London 3
married May 1844 at St Margarets, Kings Lynn 4

Thomas Marsters Kendall
general medical practitioner (1851)
of St. Margarets Place, Kings Lynn 5

Thomas Elijah Oxley
1845 -


Mary Elizabeth

Jane Eyre

Margaret Maria

Helen Maud

children of Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Marsters Kendall

Thomas Elijah Oxley Kendall 1845-1880
born 7 February 1845, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex
died 19 February 1880, Clapham, London
 married (1) 22 October 1868 St.Nicholas, Gt.Yarmouth

Emily Bolingbroke Norman 6 1845-circa 1869
 married (2) circa June 1871 Kings Lynn

Georgina Moyse

Agnes Kendall born 1846
born 1 January 1846, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex 7

Mary Elizabeth Kendall 8 born 1848
born 1 January 1848, Great Massingham, Norfolk 9

Notes: This couple moved to Wimbledon, then Dulwich,
and had four sons, of whom three survived to adulthood:

Prof Kendall Colin Browning (1875-1936), military chemist
Rev Guy Arrott Browning (1876-1916), naval chaplain, died at Jutland
Dr Herbert Acland Browning (1879-1955), naval surgeon
(information from: Malcolm H Walker-Kinnear)

 married 22 February 1872 St Margarets, Kings Lynn 10

George Alexander Browning born 1838
Commander, later Captain in the Royal Navy 11
born 17 September 1838, Falmouth, Cornwall 12

Notes: He was the son of Alexander Robertson
Browning (1797-184?), assistant surgeon RN.
(information from: Malcolm H Walker-Kinnear)

Jane Eyre Kendall 13 born 1855
born between 1855 and 1856, Lynn 14

Margaret Maria Kendall 15 born 1857
born between 1857 and 1858 16

Helen Maud Kendall 17 born 1858
born between 1858 and 1859, Lynn 18

Notes: At the time of the census of 1891 she
was living with her brother-in-law, George Browning
and his wife, her sister, Mary Elizabeth Browning, at
number 20 Macaulay Road, Clapham, London.

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