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List of people in the Kendall family tree

297 individuals, 85 families, 60 surnames

(george Or Kemp, Mary Ann  
Ashfield, Claude (born 1889) 
Ashfield, Esther (born 1882) 
Ashfield, George  
Ashfield, Hilda (born 1890) 
Ashfield, Maud (born 1888) 
Ashfield, Reginald  
Ashfield, Russell  
Ashfield, Violet (born 1885) 
Ashfield, Walter Arthur (born 1860) 
Baker, Ann (born circa 1861) 
Baker, Charles (born circa 1788) 
Baker, Edgar (born circa 1829) 
Baker, Emily  
Baker, Harriet (born circa 1874) 
Baker, Herbert (born circa 1774) 
Baker, Jessie  
Baker, John (born circa 1868) 
Baker, Thomas?  
Bayliffe, John (private) 
Beelby, Elizabeth  
Browning, George Alexander (born 1838), Commander, later Captain in the Royal Navy 
Bunkell, Annie (born 1890) 
Bunkell, Edward  
Bunkell, Edward (born 1871) 
Bunkell, Esther  
Bunkell, Esther (born 1876) 
Bunkell, Gertrude (born 1885) 
Bunkell, Hannah Martha (1867-1946) 
Bunkell, Margaret  
Bunkell, Martha  
Bunkell, Martha (born 1873) 
Bunkell, Robert  
Bunkell, Robert (born 1839) 
Bunkell, Robert (born 1880) 
Bunkell, William  
Cartwright, Harcourt Crowther  of Stockport 
Chapman, Arthur  
Chapman, Eugene (1872-1917) 
Clare, Edward (born 1819) 
Clare, Edward (born 1845) 
Clare, Hannah (born 1838) 
Clare, Martha (born 1842) 
Croft, Mollie  
Dale, Carl (private) 
Dawson, Andrew (private) 
Dawson, Daniel (private) 
Dawson, Emma (private) 
Dawson, Matthew (private) 
Dawson, Richard (private) 
Earl, Beatrice (1886-1944) 
Earl, Flora (1901-1981) 
Earl, Geoffrey (1902-1965) 
Earl, William Joshua  
Earl, William Walter  
Eyre, Agnes (born 1828) 
Eyre, Alice Wellesley (born 1836) 
Eyre, Ann (born 1789) 
Eyre, Anne Francis (born 1830) 
Eyre, Elijah (1799-1863) 
Eyre, Elizabeth (born 1797) 
Eyre, Harriet (born 1829) 
Eyre, James (born & died 1793) 
Eyre, James (1798-1828) 
Eyre, Jane Slagg (born 1822) 
Eyre, John (born 1790) 
Eyre, Marion Stafford (born 1839) 
Eyre, Mary (born 1801) 
Eyre, Mary Elizabeth (1824-1870) 
Eyre, Samuel (1760-1837) 
Eyre, Samuel (1784-1846) 
Eyre, Sarah (1793-1794) 
Eyre, Sarah (born 1795) 
Eyre, Sarah (born 1821) 
Eyre, Timothy (1783-1844) 
Eyre, William (born 1788) 
Fredman, Caroline  
Fredman, Elizabeth  
Fredman, Peter J (private) 
Fredman, Richard  
Fulcher, Althea Gertrude (born 1899) 
George, Frederick  
George, Sidney (circa 1900-1922) 
George, Winifred (circa 1896-1922) 
Guy, Anne Elizabeth (1911-1976) 
Guy, Arthur  
Guy, Bessie  
Guy, Christopher J  
Guy, Ella  
Guy, Gordon  
Guy, Michael  
Guy, Patrick Edward  
Guy, William Edward  
Heseltine, Jennie  
Kendall, Agnes (born 1846) 
Kendall, Anna Louisa (born 1825) 
Kendall, Christopher Johnathan (private) 
Kendall, Claude (born 1892) 
Kendall, Colin  
Kendall, David O.  
Kendall, Doris Mabel (died 1982) 
Kendall, Geoffrey  
Kendall, Geoffrey David (private) 
Kendall, Geoffrey Owen  
Kendall, Harriet Julia (born & died 1834) 
Kendall, Helen Maud (born 1858) 
Kendall, Jane Eyre (born 1855) 
Kendall, John  
Kendall, John Marsters (born & died 1831) 
Kendall, John Oxley Claude (private) 
Kendall, Julia (1828-1829) 
Kendall, Leslie Eyre Reginald (born 1892) 
Kendall, Malcolm  
Kendall, Malcolm Eyre (born circa 1902) 
Kendall, Margaret Maria (born 1857) 
Kendall, Maria Elizabeth (born 1821) 
Kendall, Marna  
Kendall, Mary Elizabeth (born 1848) 
Kendall, Noel Edward (1909-1980) 
Kendall, Patricia Joy  
Kendall, Reginald Norman  
Kendall, Richard  
Kendall, Richard  
Kendall, Richard (born 1706) 
Kendall, Richard (born 1763) 
Kendall, Richard Henry (1832-before 1870) 
Kendall, Robert  
Kendall, Robert Oxley (1799-1843), farmer, of Shernborne, Norfolk 
Kendall, Robert Oxley (1818-1847) 
Kendall, Roger Eyre George (private) 
Kendall, Russell Eyre (1896-1953) 
Kendall, Susan Elizabeth (private) 
Kendall, Thomas  
Kendall, Thomas  
Kendall, Thomas Elijah Oxley (1845-1880), Queen's Messenger, Foreign Office, of 8 Fitzwilliam Road, Clapham, Surrey 
Kendall, Thomas Marsters (1820-1871), general medical practitioner, of St. Margarets Place, Kings Lynn 
Kendall, Thomas Richard Eyre (1869-1935) of 64 Connaught, Road, Heigham, Norwich 
Kendall, Vivienne Mary (private) 
Kendall, William  
Kendall, William  
Kendall, William Turner (1823-1841) 
Kenworthy, Daniel (private) 
Kenworthy, Jack (private) 
Kenworthy, Neil  
Kenworthy, Steven (private) 
Keyworth, Ann  
Keyworth, Elizabeth (born 1743/44) 
Keyworth, William  
Keyworth, William (born 1743) 
Killeen, Patrick (private) 
Kirby, Hannah (private) 
Kirby, Nathaniel (died 1783) 
Kirby, Oliver (private) 
Kirby, Timothy (private) 
Lettis, Charles (born circa 1847) 
Lettis, Emma (born circa 1840) 
Lettis, Hanah (born circa 1836) 
Lettis, Mary (born circa 1845) 
Lettis, Mary Ann (born circa 1819) 
Lettis, Sarah (born circa 1816) 
Lettis, Thomas (born circa 1781) 
Lettis, Thomas (born circa 1815) 
Lettis, Thomas (born circa 1844) 
Lincoln, Phoebe Louise (died 1980) 
Loveday, Dorothy  
Lumb, Stanley  
Marsters, Anna Maria (1800-1855), farmer 
Mayhew, James?  
Mayhew, James?  
Mayhew, Mary Ann (born circa 1821) 
Middleton, George (born circa 1828), annuitant, of Shernborne, Norfolk 
Moyse, Anne (born circa 1837) 
Moyse, Georgina  
Moyse, Kate Alice (born circa 1855) 
Moyse, Walter  
Newell, Emma  
Norman, Arthur H. (born 1852) 
Norman, Emily Bolingbroke (1845-circa 1869) 
Norman, Jeannette L. (born 1850) 
Norman, Kate A. (born 1856) 
Norman, Richard B. (born 1848) 
Norman, Richard Briton  
Norman, Richard Robert Bowles  
Oxley, Martha  
Paalgrave, Mary  
Page, Benjamin  
Page, Raymond (private) 
Page, Russell  
Page, Timothy  
Pegg, Ann (born 1791) 
Pegg, John (born 1816) 
Radnedge, David Mervyn (private) 
Radnedge, Helen (private) 
Radnedge, Julianne (private) 
Radnedge, Susan (private) 
Radnedge, Walter H (1899-1939) 
Randles, Philip (private) 
Reinwald, Bertha (1898-1976) 
Revett, Daisy  
Rouse, Arthur (born 1885) 
Rouse, Ethel (born 1881) 
Rouse, May (born 1882) 
Rouse, William (born 1858) 
Rudd, Albert (1898-1983) 
Rudd, Anne (born circa 1831) 
Rudd, Anthony Guy (private) 
Rudd, Bettina  
Rudd, Christopher  
Rudd, David (private) 
Rudd, Edwin (born & died 1902) 
Rudd, Emily (1871-1922) 
Rudd, George (died before 1884) 
Rudd, George (born 1904) 
Rudd, George Edward (1868-1909) 
Rudd, Gerald  
Rudd, Gertrude Alice Vivian (born 1900) 
Rudd, Gladys (born 1901) 
Rudd, Gwendoline (born 1903) 
Rudd, Harriet (born 1860) 
Rudd, Herbert (born 1896) 
Rudd, Ivy (born 1901) 
Rudd, Jane (born circa 1873) 
Rudd, Jennifer  
Rudd, John (born 1774) 
Rudd, John Thomas  
Rudd, Katherine  
Rudd, Laurence  
Rudd, Martha (born 1863) 
Rudd, Michael Whitton (circa 1893-1917) 
Rudd, Millicent (born 1899) 
Rudd, Pauline  
Rudd, Priscilla (born 1859) 
Rudd, Rebecca (born 1829) 
Rudd, Sidney George (born 1895) 
Rudd, Stephanie  
Rudd, Unknown  
Rudd, Valerie (private) 
Rudd, William (born circa 1831) 
Rumsey, Jennifer D (private) 
Sands, Harriet (1834-1906) 
Scales, John  
Scales, Sarah (born 1781) 
Skerrit, Judith (died 1788) 
Slagg, Ann (born 1803) 
Slagg, Jane (1804-1848) 
Slagg, John  
Slagg, John (born 1811) 
Slagg, Joseph (born 1809) 
Slagg, Mary (1807-1808) 
Slagg, Sarah (born 1806) 
Smith, Elder  
Smith, William  
Smith, William  
Smith, Winifred  
Sooby, Jane (born 1850) 
Sooby, Mary Alice (born 1848) 
Sooby, Thomas Hill (born 1847) 
Thompson, Honor  
Tones, Susan (private) 
Underwood, Arthur (private) 
Underwood, Ben (born 1867) 
Underwood, Elizabeth (1870-1958) of 64 Connaught Road, Heigham, Norwich 
Underwood, Frederick (born 1838) 
Underwood, Kate (born 1864) 
Underwood, William (born 1859) 
Wakefield, Mary  
Willett, Charles  
Willett, Marjory  

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