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Hercules du Pree
died circa 1696
Cicilia Datis
died 1720
Abraham Vivier
died before 1714
Jacomina du Prees
died before 1716
Elisabeth Vivier 1
of De Vaderlandse Rietklooff, Piquetberg 2
born 1698, at the Cape 3
baptized 12 February 1698, Drakenstein 4
died before 29 August 1730 5
Inventory of Estate dated 29 August 1730
When her mother, Jacquemine du Pree died, the children were farmed
out by their guardians, the Cape Weemeesters to 'honourable people of
good name and repute'. Elisabeth herself went to live with her Uncle
and Aunt, Jacques Theron and Maria Jeanne du Pree.

But from the report submitted by Weesmeesters to the Governor of the
Cape in Council in November 1716, it seems that not only had Elisabeth
been seduced in 1714 at the home of her grandmother, Cecilia Datis, by
her cousin's husband, Charles du Plessis who had trapped her on that
in the wine cellar, but in her new home with her uncle, in February 1716
she had again been persuaded by the same man, again in the wine cellar,
and she had, as a consequence, become pregnant.

Her daughter, Elisabeth du Plessis, was born in November 1716. Charles
du Plessis was orderd to pay f.20 for expenses and f.4 per month for the
support of the child.

Her children are given here as listed in her inventory of August 1730.

These children shared their deceased mother's portion of the Estate
of their uncle, Isack Vivie, in December 1732, and the four van Wijck
children are all mentioned again in October 1740 when their step-
mother, Maria Provo, married again.

(1) circa 1716 extramarital relationship

Charel du Plessis
died 1736


married (2) 13 June 1717 at Drakenstein 9

Nicolaas Labat
born Pointu 10
died 30 December 1717 11
He and Elisabeth Vivier had no surviving children.

According to documents reproduced in the minutes of the
meeting of the Council of Policy of 28th August 1727, he
was stated to have been the second of four sons of Jacob
Labad and Susanna Laurent of Fontenai in Poitou, France
and his sole surviving heir was his elder brother, Jacob
Labad, swardveeger, of St. Martins in the Field, London.

(Resolusies van die Politieke Raad, Deel VII, page 356,
edited by G.C. de Wet and published Johannesburg, 1971)

married (3) 22 October 1719 at Drakenstein 12

Matthijs Hendrik Eekhof
died before 1722
farmer (1720) 13

Maria Magdalena
1721 -

married (4) 26 April 1722 at Cape Town 15

Gerrit van Wijk Willemsz:
died circa 1737
of De Vaderlandse Rietklooff, Piquetberg 16

1723 -



Catharina Elisabeth
b. c1730

children of Elisabeth Vivier and Charel du Plessis

Elisabeth du Plessis 6 born 1716
born 24 November 1716 7
baptized 31 January 1717, Drakenstein 8

Notes: I suspect that she is the Elisabeth du Plessis
who married Thomas Arnoldus Theron (their joint will
was dated 1747) and died on 24th February 1764.
(Cape Death Notifications 1758-1838: Drakensteijn Juffr
Elisabeth du Plessie huijsvrouw van den burger luytenant
Ths. Ards. Theron 24 Feb

children of Elisabeth Vivier and Matthijs Hendrik Eekhof

Maria Magdalena Eckhoff 1721-1776
born 1721, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 15 June 1721, Cape Town
died 6 August 1776, Land van Waveren
 married 2 November 1738 Drakenstein

Gerrit van Wijk Ariesz: 14 1714-circa 1787
farmer (1765)
of De Vondeling, geleegen agter de
Piquetberg over de Oliphants Rivier

children of Elisabeth Vivier and Gerrit van Wijk

Gerrit van Wijk Gerritsz: 1723-circa 1796
born 1723
baptized 5 October 1723, Cape Town
died circa December 1796, (assumed from filing date of will)
 married 23 December 1753 Tulbagh

Martha Smit 17 1736-circa 1821

Abraham van Wijk 18 born 1725
born 1725 19
baptized 19 August 1725, Cape Town 20

Jacomina van Wijk 21 born 1727
born 1727 22
baptized 24 August 1727, Cape Town 23

Catharina Elisabeth van Wijk 24 born circa 1730
born circa July 1730 25
baptized 15 October 1730, Cape Town 26

Notes: Swartland marriage register:

1748 den 19 7ber, Jochem Scholtz van Cabo de Goede Hoop
burger aan Stellenbosch J.M. met Catharina Elisabeth van
Wijk van Cabo voorn: jongedochter

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