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Maria Couteau 1
born circa 1659, Soudiere in the Dauphine 2
died 1 April 1718 3
will dated 18 December 1717
Her place of birth was given in her will as Soudiere in Dauphine.

Maurice Boucher, in his book French Speakers at the Cape, 1981,
describes this as 'an inaccurate transcription in the Dutch East
India Company Records' but the place name is as written down by
the notary Jan Mahieu, presumably writing down what he heard
from the lips of Marie Couteau herself as she lay on her sick bed
in her house in Drakenstein that afternoon in January 1709, when
she and her husband made their joint will. One assumes it was
rather a mishearing - spoken d and b are easily confused.

Boucher suggests that it was most likley 'Soubiera, the old form
of the modern Soubeyran, near Crest in the strongly Calvinist
Drôme valley region ... north-west of Valdrôme.

Marie Coutau made a later will on 18th Decmber 1717 when she is
described as the widow of Pieter Lombart and once again sick.
She died possibly in 1718 for, although this will, number 97, contains
no filing date, the wills filed on either side of it were made in 1718
and therefore cannot have been filed earlier than 1718 and will
number 123 in the same file was filed in June 1720.

C.G.Botha, in French Refugees, states that she died 1st April, 1718
but does not give a source for this information.

LOMBARD. Pierre Lombard of Pontaix
in Dauphine and his wife Marie Couteau
(listed here as Contaux) were at Frankfurt in
November 1687. They were accompanied by
a child and by Pierre’s sister Madeleine
{Magdelaine). There is no mention of the
mother Eve mentioned in Dutch records, but
the Lombards were evidently travelling with
a member of the wife’s family, Barthelemy
Couteau, and his four children. The
Couteaus came from La Chaudiere South of
Pontaix, from which place the brothers
Daniel and Pierre Couteau, wool carders,
reached Frankfurt in September 1687. The
Lombards and Barthelemy Couteau brought
attestations from Morges, the Swiss town on
Lake Geneva, that they were in good standing
with the Reformed Church.
BULLETIN 19, 1981, page 12)


Pierre Lombard
circa 1658-1714
farmer (1709) 4
of Drakenstein 5

b. c1689

c1690 -

c1693 -


b. c1698


children of Maria Couteau and Pierre Lombard

Pieter Lombard 6 born circa 1689

Notes: His aged was given as 20 years
in his parents' will dated the 8th January 1709.

Claudine Lombard circa 1690-circa 1749
born circa 1690
died circa 1749, (date of Inventory)
 married (1)

David du Buisson 7 died circa 1722
 married (2) 15 August 1728 Drakenstein

Gerrit van Hoeting died circa 1752
of Drakenstein

Anthonij Lombard circa 1693-circa 1750
born circa 1693
died circa 1750
 married 7 February 1717 Drakenstein

Johanna Snijman 8 1699-circa 1755
of Droogevalley in the Paardeberg

Mariane Lombard 9 born 1695
born 1695 10
baptized September 1695, Drakenstein 11

Notes: Her age was given as 13 years
in her parents' will dated the 8th January 1709.

A child named Anne was baptised at Drakenstein in
September 1695. I have assumed that this was the same
child called Mariane in her parents will.

On 1st July 1714 she was a witness to the baptism of her niece
Maria du Busson at Stellenbosch.

Around 1715 she and her sister Claudine were listed among the
members of the Drakenstein Congregation.

On the 5th May 1748 Maria Anna Lombard married Jan George
Schreuder, widower of Grisella Sweetmans. They made a joint
will in 1750 but there is no clue therein as to her age. I assume
that she was Mariane marrying for the first time late in life.

Jean Lombard 12 born circa 1698

Notes: His age was given as 11 years
in his parents' will dated the 8th January 1709.

 married 10 October 1718 Drakenstein 13

Louise Jubert

Eva Lombard born 1699
baptized 3 May 1699, Drakenstein 14

Notes: She is not mentioned in the 1709 will of her
parents and had presumably died before that date.

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