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Pierre Lombard
circa 1658-1714
Maria Couteau
circa 1659-1718
Anthonij Lombard 1
farmer 2
of Droogevalley in the Paardeberg 3
private in the burger infantry, Drakenstein (1719)
born circa 1693
died circa 1750 4
The children are given as found in the Inventory and Deceased
Estate Accounts of their mother, dated May 1755.

In the above accounts are listed various properties. The farm
Drogevalij in the Paardeberg would seem, from the furnishings,
to have been their main home, but they also had a well furnished
house in the Table Valley of Cape Town, and five other farms:
Voorspoed in Riebeek Casteel, Bruijntjes Rivier at Klipheuvel,
Keurbooms Rivier in that area, Vette Rivier situated on that river
and another called Vette Rivier not far from the first. They also
owned a grave plot or vault ('een grafsteede) in the church at

The inventory of the estate suggest they were very comfortably
off, with two slaves in the Cape Town house and 32 slaves on
the farms, a quantity of gold and silver objects, a total of 305
cattle, 2000 sheep and 36 horses.

The house at the Cape and that at Drogevallij both consisted of
a Voorhuis (main room) with a room on each side and a kitchen,
but the farmhouse had also a Corn store, a workshop, a cellar,
a stable and a yard.

The farm Drooge Valliej was bought from the deceased estate
of Maria van der Westhuisen for 5000 gulden, 23 Nov. 1734.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 7 February 1717 at Drakenstein 5

Johanna Snijman
1699-circa 1755
of Droogevalley in the Paardeberg 6

1718 -



1723 -





1726 -

children of Anthonij Lombard and Johanna Snijman

Magrita Lombard 1718-1791
born 1718
baptized 20 March 1718, Drakenstein
died 1791, Swartland
 married 27 December 1738 Drakenstein

Stephanus Sebastiaan Walters 7 died 1761
of de Grendel, Paardeberg

Maria Lombard born 1721
born 1721 8
baptized 5 January 1721, Drakenstein 9

Notes: She is not mentioned in her mother's Estate Accounts
of 1755 and had presumably died before this date without leaving
any heirs.

Anthonie Lombard born 1722
born 1722 10
baptized 29 March 1722, Drakenstein 11

Notes: film 1295057
Cape Death notifications 1758-1838
Extracts onlyl

Cape Archives MOOC 6/1-6/3

page 28 1763

Swellendam Antonie Lombaard aan de Leuwen Rivier

Elisabeth Lombard 1723-before 1755
born 1723
baptized 5 December 1723, Drakenstein
died before May 1755
 married 9 November 1742 Drakenstein

Nicolaas Laubster 12
farmer (1755)
of Stellenbosch

Jan Lombard 13 born 1725
born 1725 14
baptized 4 March 1725, Drakenstein 15

Johanna Lombard 16 born 1729
born 1729 17
baptized 10 April 1729, Drakenstein 18

Benjamin Nothling 19

Helena Lombard 20

Christiaan Krijnauw 21

Daniel Lombard 22 born 1732
born 1732 23
baptized 1 June 1732, Drakenstein 24

Christoffel Lombard 1726-circa 1796
born 1726
baptized 28 April 1726, Drakenstein
died circa April 1796
 married (1) 21 November 1756 Swartland

Elsje Botha 25 1740-circa 1772
 married (2) 11 April 1773 Swartland

Maria Johanna Walters 26 died circa 1825

# The parents of Anthonij Lombard

I have assumed that he is the same Anthonij who was the son of
Pierre Lombart and Marie Couteau (in their will, dated the 8th
January 1709, he was said to be 16 years old) although I have so
far found no hard evidence of this. He and his wife were witnesses
at the baptism of Johanna Magrita van Hoeting, daughter of Claudine
Lombart and she, Claudine, was the only witness at the baptism of
Christoffel Lombard, son of Anthonij and Johanna Snijman.

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