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Frederik Botha
died before 1719
Maria Kickers
Christoffel Snijman
died circa 1706
Margaretha Theresia de Savoy
died circa 1742
Jacobus Botha de oude
1692-circa 1791
Elsje Snijman
1697-circa 1748
Jacobus Botha de jonge 1
born 1717
baptized 8 August 1717, Stellenbosch 2
died 14 February 1784 3
His inventory lists one Farmhouse on the loan farm called
De Moeds Fontyne, situated in Outeniqualand. This was most
likely an out post run by the one male and two female slave
listed (not named) since the furniture consists of one bed, one
table and a chair.

married 26 April 1739 at Drakenstein 4

Sophia van Rooijen
1723-before 1754

1740 -

Jacoba Jacomina
1741 -


b. c1743


Anna Margaretha
c1745 -


children of Jacobus Botha and Sophia van Rooijen

Elsje Botha 1740-circa 1772
born 1740
baptized 15 February 1740, Cape Town
died circa September 1772, (inventory dated 24 October 1772)
 married 21 November 1756 Swartland

Christoffel Lombard 5 1726-circa 1796
farmer (1772)

Jacoba Jacomina Botha 1741-circa 1794
born 1741 6
baptized 2 July 1741, Cape Town 7
died circa 1794 8

Notes: She was disabled and described as
'innocent'. She lived with her brother Cornelis Botha
and his family. She had been left the slave Hermina
and her son Israel to look after her until her death,
after which the two slaves were to be set free.
(Estate Accounts of Jacobus Botha de Jonge,
MOOC 13/1/3, 26).

Cornelis Botha born 1742
born 1742 9
baptized 18 November 1742, Drakenstein 10

Pieter Botha 11 born circa 1743
born circa 1743 12

Jacobus Botha born 1744
born 1744 13
baptized 2 November 1744, Drakenstein 14

Notes: He is not mentioned in the Estate Accounts
drawn up aftet the death of his father, Jacobus Botha, and
dated 1784/85. He had presumably died before that date.

Anna Margaretha Botha circa 1745-before 1784
born circa 1745
baptized 22 June 1749, Cape Town
died before 1784

Bernhardus Frey 15

Magdalena Botha 16 born 1751
born 1751 17
baptized 7 March 1751, Cape Town 18

Hendrik Bernard 19

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