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Jan Jansz: van Eeden
circa 1637-circa 1704
Maria Rossar
circa 1659-after 1723
Maria Catharina van Eeden
born 1696, at the Cape 1
baptized 31 January 1696, Stellenbosch 2
died after February 1751 3
will dated 10 February 1751
Her children with Jan Harmenz Potgieter are given as listed
in her Declaration of her children's rights made in May 1734
(Cape Archives CJ 2654,60) prior to her second marriage with
Theunis Botha.

for a note on her parentage see below#

married (1) 18 February 1714 at Stellenbosch 4

Jan Harmensz Potgieter
1674-circa 1733






Harmanus Lambertus

Maria Johanna

married (2) 13 June 1734 at Drakenstein 19

Theunis Botha
1686-circa 1746
farmer (1718) 20
of Hoogstede 21

children of Maria Catharina van Eeden and Jan Harmensz Potgieter

Hester Potgieter 5 born 1716
born 1716 6
baptized 23 February 1716, Drakenstein 7

Amerentia Potgieter born 1719
born 1719 8
baptized 19 October 1719, Stellenbosch 9

Jan Potgieter born 1722
born 1722 10
baptized 1 February 1722, Drakenstein 11

Friederik Potgieter born 1724
born 1724 12
baptized 11 June 1724, Drakenstein 13

Theodorus Potgieter 14

Harmanus Lambertus Potgieter 15

Maria Johanna Potgieter 16 born 1730
born 1730 17
baptized 27 August 1730, Cape Town 18

# The parents of Maria Catharina van Eeden

I have assumed that the Maria Catharina van Eeden who
married Jan Potgieter in 1714 is the same as Maria van Eeden
daughter of Jan Jansz van Eeden and Maria Rossar. The
latter was one of the witnesses at the baptism of Amrentia
Potgieter in 1719.

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