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Johan Christoffel Rogge
died 1800
Martha Maria de Jager
1734-circa 1762
Hans Jurgen Botha
1722-circa 1797
Barbara Paasen
1727-circa 1791
Carel Pieter Rogge
1757-circa 1790
Elsje Botha
Martha Catharina Rogge 1
born 1787, Kliprivier, Swellendam 2
baptized 1 April 1787, Cape Town 3
died 26 November 1871, at the house of her daughter, Martha de Jager 4
The children are listed as given in her death notice.

(1) 1807 (or earlier) 5

Lodewyk Theodorus de Jager
died circa 1826
of the farm De Spiegelrivier 6

Jacoba Christina

Elsje Carolina Petronella

Martha Catharina

Isabella Hermina

Barbara Magdalena

Lodewyk Theodorus

Christiaan Jacobus

Carel Pieter

Maria Magdalena

Casparus Johannes

Johanna Margaretha

married (2) 7 September 1832 at Swellendam 9

Willem Adriaan Odendal
died circa 1846 10

children of Martha Catharina Rogge and Lodewyk Theodorus de Jager

Jacoba Christina de Jager

Elsje Carolina Petronella de Jager born 1808
born 17 April 1808, On the farm De Spiegelrivier
baptized 29 May 1808, Swellendam 7

J. Puren 8

Martha Catharina de Jager

Isabella Hermina de Jager

Barbara Magdalena de Jager

Lodewyk Theodorus de Jager

Christiaan Jacobus de Jager

Carel Pieter de Jager

Maria Magdalena de Jager

Casparus Johannes de Jager

Johanna Margaretha de Jager

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