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Against the entry in the Delft Ondertrouwboek (perhaps this can be translated Betrothal regiser) recording the intention to marry of Jan Smit and Adriana Tol there is a series of notes in the margin. These notes record the decisions of the court that decided if a couple could marry or not.

Here is the entry in the Ondertrouwboek:

The main entry, the intention to marry, is dated 25th October 1681,  and  reads:

 Johannes Smits, jm., soldaet onder de comp. van cap. Moor voorn.
met Adriana Tol, jd., aen den Oudelangendijck

The first note reads:

 Het 2e gebot omme
redenen opgehouden alsoo
Lucretia van Santen, wed.
van Robert van Santen,
comparerende, verclaert met
hem een kint geprocreert te
Actum den 1 novemb. 1681
 The second bann halted for reasons because Lucretia van Santen, widow of Robert van Santen, appearing, declares to have procreated a child with him [i.e. with Johannes Smits]
Given the 1 novemb. 1681.
The second note reads:
 Bij acte in dato den 22 decemb. 1681 ter secret[ar]ie alhie[r] gepasseert, is /
d[e] h[e]r[e]n. commissarissen gebleken dat Lucretie van Santen afstant gedaen heeft van hare pretensie /
sulx hier 't genotuleerde geroijeert, ende heeft sijn voortganck gehad den
27 decemb. 1681
 By act dated the 22 decemb. 1681, passed before the local secretariat,
it has appeared to the commissioners that Lucretie van Santen
has distanced herself from her pretension,
therefore the minutes taken down here [i.e. above] erased
and [the banns] had its progress the 27 decemb. 1681

and the third:

 Attestatie gegeven op Schipluiden
den 4 januarij 1681 [sic!]
 Given letter of transfer to Schipluiden [to marry there]
the 4 january 1681 [which presumably should have read: 1682]

Many thanks to Bob Kernkamp for reading these notes for me.

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