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Alewijn Jacobsz. Tol
died 1621
Maritgen Joosten
died 1644
Dirck Tonisz. van der Piet
died 1660
Ariaentgen Pleunis
died 1655
Jacob Alewijnsz. Tol
circa 1600-1662
Lijsbet Dircx van der Piet
Adriana Tol 1
of Oudenlangendijck, Delft
later, of Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope

born 1656, Delft
baptized 16 July 1656, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 2
died after 1722 3
In the marriage entry in the Stellenbosch register for her later marriage
to Andries Cuyper, she is described as being from or of Delft 'van Delft'.

I have assumed that the Aryaentje Tol who was baptised on 16 July 1656
in the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, is the same person as the Adriana Tol who, by
1688, was living in the Cape. I have not yet discovered any proof positive
of this but for my reasoning see my notes.

On 22nd December 1685, named as Adriana Jacobsz. Tol, the wife of
Johannes Smit, soldier, she appeared before the Delft Weeskamer and
stated that she was now supported by her husband. She declared that
her mother had raised and provided for her properly; she thanked her
for her good care and freed her of any further obligation.

From 1692 through to 1695 she is listed in the muster rolls as living in
Stellenbosch with Jan Smit, but from 1696 she is listed as his widow.

On the 29th June 1700, the Stellenbosch Church Meeting suspended
her from church services for a year. The reason is not stated other
than that she is admonished to live a better life. Unfortunately none of
the earlier Stellenbosch Church Meeting minutes, which might have
contained a previous warning, appear to have survived.

A year later, on the 28th March 1701, her suspension was continued.

married (1)  4

( see notes for circumstances surrounding their marriage)

Jan Smit
died 1696
in the company of Captain Moor (1681) 5
of the garrison at Delft
and, from 1687, Jonkers Hoek in Stellenbosch 6

1683 -

1688 -

1689 -

1691 -

c1693 -

1695 -

(2) circa 1699 (extramarital relationship?)



married (3) 11 January 1705 at Stellenbosch 31

Andries Cuyper
ship's carpenter (1699) 32
of Jonkers Hoek, Stellenbosch 33
freeman 34
died after 1713, but before 1722 35
He was a widower when he married Adriana Tol in 1705.

He first appears at the Cape in a muster roll of Company servants
dated 1697 as a sailor and in 1699 he is listed as a ship's carpenter.

By December 1704 he was listed as a freeman.

He was one of a group of 45 persons who undertook a bartering
expedition to Hottentot territory in 1702.

(source: H.C.V. Liebbrandt - The Defence of W.A.van der Stel,
Cape Town 1897, page 138).

children of Adriana Tol and Jan Smit

Johannis Smit 7 1683-circa 1714
born 1683, Delft
baptized 10 January 1683, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft 8
died circa 1714 9

Notes: Jan/Johannes Smit first appears in the monsterollen on his own in 1704, then
appears each year after that, often listed next to Christoffel and Jacobus Smit,
until 1711 when he appears living with Eva Zaijmans, but neither of this couple
appear again after this year.

He appears in a declaration dated 29th July 1712, described as Johannes Smith,
arriving one Sunday in 1711 on an ox wagon seeking to serve an invoice on behalf
of Andries Kuyper and accompanied by Christoffel Smit. (1 STB 18/155)

He appears to have died in July 1714 according to his deceased estate
distribution account (the bill for the coffin is dated on the 19th July, 1714); it
would seem that his wife, Eva Zaaiman was also dead. But this inventory may,
of course, have referred to deaths during the smallpox epiedemic of 1713.

According to the inventory drawn up at that time he possessed very little,
and what he had, tables, chairs, pots, teapot, etc. were lodged with six
different people: Overholster, Cornelis van Dalen, Kreloff Jonasz:, Andries
Cuijper (nine oxen and a horse), Mathijs de Beer and Hendrik de Vries.

Although there is nothing conclusive here, the inclusion of Andries Cuijper,
who would have been his stepfather, and Matthijs de Beer, who would have
been his brother-in-law, seems to me to make him a good candidate for the
son of Jan Smit and Adriana Tol.

 married 20 September 1711 Stellenbosch 10

Eva Saijman died 1696

Christoffel Smit 1688-1770
born 1688
baptized 9 May 1688, Stellenbosch
died 11 August 1770, Overberg
 married 9 February 1721 Stellenbosch

Catharina Lafebre 11

Jacobus Smit 1689-circa 1752
born 1689
baptized 16 October 1689, Stellenbosch
(baptism recorded in the Cape Town registers)
died circa 1752
 married 3 March 1709 Cape Town

Elisabeth Slabbert 12 died 1760

Hilletje Smit 1691-1760
born 1691
baptized 1 April 1691, Cape Town
died 16 December 1760, Waveren
 married (1) 24 October 1705 Stellenbosch

Matthijs Andriesz: de Beer 13 1691-circa 1771
wagonmaker (1705)
 married (2) 3 April 1757

Jan Georg Zorn 14 1691-circa 1771

Francois Smit 15 circa 1693-circa 1758
farmer (1722) 16
born circa 1693, Cape of Good Hope 17
died circa 1758, (before 7th September 1758 when his will was filed) 18
will dated 30 June 1722
and filed 7 September 1758 19

Notes: In his will of 1722 reference is made to his mother, Adriana Tol, the
widow of Andreas Cuijper.

His birth date is a guess based partly on the Muster Rolls where Jan Smit
and Adriana Tol are credited with four children in 1692 and five in 1693
and partly on naming convention whereby a son named after Jan Smit's
side of the family should appear between Jacobus and Alewijn (both
named, I assume, for Adriana Tol's side of the family)

In 1724/5 he signed a memorial to the Council of Justice as one of the far-
mers of Stellenbosch. (HCV Leibbrandt - Requesten, vol 3, 1715 - 1806)

On 17th April 1729 he and his wife, Maria van Staden, were witnesses at
the baptism of his nephew Francois Smit, the son of Jacobus Smit and
Elisabeth Slabbert (Cape Town Baptism Register).

At the end of 1729 the couple were presented with a ready made family of
their own in the shape of Elsje, Cicilia, Hendrik and Sophia van Rensburg,
the orphaned children of Maria's mother, Aletta Willems van der Merwe,
who had died on 30th September 1729.

At the session of the Orphan Chamber 21 November 1729 it was recorded
that these children were to live with their brother-in-law Frans Smit.

On 23rd November 1742 they were both again witnesses at the baptism of
her nephew, Nicolaas Janse van Rensburg, at the Drakenstein Church.

(These last three facts from the amazing Van Rensburg web site created
by André van Rensburg).

 married 19 November 1719 Drakenstein 21

Maria van Staden 20 died after 1761
farmer 22
of Land van Waveren (?) 23
born Cape of Good Hope 24
died circa 1785, (before 30th April 1785 when her will was filed) 25
will dated 2 November 1758 26
and filed 30 April 1785 27

Alewijn Smit de oude 1695-1774
born 1695
baptized 28 September 1695, Stellenbosch
died August 1774, Land van Waveren
 married 25 December 1718 Drakenstein

Hester Bekker 28 died circa 1785

children of Adriana Tol and unknown

Johanna born 1700
born 1700 29
baptized 20 June 1700, Stellenbosch 30

Notes: The name of the father is left blank in the baptismal register.
I have no idea if this child would have used the surname of
Smit (her brothers and sisters) or Tol, or a different one, or,
indeed, if she survived infancy.

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