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Jacob Alewijnsz. Tol
circa 1600-1662
Lijsbet Dircx van der Piet
Jan Smit
died 1696
Adriana Tol
1656-after 1722
Christoffel Smit
farmer 1
of the farm named Sútrij or Lútrij, district of Stellenbosch 2
born 1688 3
baptized 9 May 1688, Stellenbosch 4
died 11 August 1770, Overberg 5
The baptismal entry for this child in in the register of the Cape Town
church, but it is noted to have been performed at Stellenbosch. The
mother's name is left blank. Presumably the minister was unable to
read his notes when making up the register back in Cape Town, as
the names of Christoffel's children are perfectly consistent with his
being a child of Jan Smit and Adriana Tol.

From 1708 to 1719 Christoffel Smit is listed in the muster rolls alone,
but from 1722 onwards as living with Catharina Le Febre.

The marriage entry in the Stellenbosh register does not record their
places of birth, nor whether either or both had been married before.

Neither Christoffel nor his wife were able to write, each signing their
renunciation of the estate of their daughter Lijsbet in 1759 with a mark.

married 9 February 1721 at Stellenbosch 6

Catharina Lafebre
died 1760





Marija Magdalena

1730 -

children of Christoffel Smit and Catharina Lafebre

Katrijn Smit born 1715
born 1715 7
baptized 21 January 1715, Stellenbosch 8

Adriana Smit born 1717
baptized 27 February 1717, Stellenbosch 9

Johannes Smit born 1720
born 1720 10
baptized 28 July 1720, Stellenbosch 11
 married 9 June 1747 Drakenstein 12

Susanna Nortje died 1760

Christoffel Smit born 1722
baptized 22 November 1722, Stellenbosch
 married 8 April 1753 Drakenstein

Maria van Wijk

Marija Magdalena Smit born 1726
born 1726 13
baptized 6 May 1726, Stellenbosch 14

Lijsbet Smit 15 1730-circa 1759
born 1730, at the Cape 16
baptized 26 February 1730, Stellenbosch 17
died circa 1759 18

Notes: There were presumably no children of this marriage since her
parents were her heirs after she died intestate circa 1759. On
the 28 December 1759 her parents renounced this inheritance
in favour of their son-in-law, Anthonij Nortje.

 married 25 December 1752 Stellenbosch 20

Anthonij Nortje 19 born 1732
of Stellenbosch 21

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