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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff
died circa 1696
Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692
Okker Cornelisz: Olivier
died circa 1705
Maria Jansz Visser
circa 1649-circa 1718
Dina Willemsz alias Ockersz and Olivier 1
born 1675 2
baptized 25 July 1675, Cape Town 3
died circa November 1723, (assumed from date of inventory) 4
her children given as listed in the inventory of her estate, drawn up
on the 23rd November 1723, her estate acounts, finalized 21 November
1725, and the baptismal registers.

for a note on her parentage see below#


Hans Jacob Brits
of Koornhof, on the Libeekse River 5





Anna Maria



b. c1708

b. c1712

children of Dina and Hans Jacob Brits

Lena Brits born 1692
born 1692 6
baptized 13 April 1692, Cape Town 7

Jan Gerritsz Van Deventer 8
died circa March 1723 9

Geertruij Brits born 1694
born 1694 10
baptized 10 October 1694, Stellenbosch 11

Notes: She is not mentioned in the
inventory of her mother's estate dated 1723
and had presumbly died before that date.

Cornelis Brits 12

Rodolph Brits born 1698
born 1698 13
baptized 28 September 1698, Stellenbosch 14

Notes: he presumably died before
1702 when a younger brother received
the same name. At all events he is not
mentioned in the inventory of his mother's
estate of 1723.

Anna Maria Brits 15 born 1699
baptized 4 October 1699, Drakenstein 16

Hermanus Gerritsz 17 died circa 1723

Rudolphus Brits 18 born 1702
born 1702 19
baptized 24 December 1702, Stellenbosch 20

Ocker Brits 21 born 1705
born 1705 22
baptized 15 September 1705, Stellenbosch 23

Maria Brits born circa 1708
born circa 1708 24
baptized 4 March 1708, Cape Town 25

Aletta Brits born circa 1712
born circa 1712 26

# The parents of Dina Willemsz alias Ockersz and Olivier

She is named in the deceased estate accounts of her mother as her
daugher, Dina Willemsz, the wife of Hans Jacob Brits. The record of
her baptism does not mention any father's name.

At the baptism of her first child, in 1692, her name is givens as Dina
Cornelisse, at that of the second and third, Dina Ockers and at the
fourth (1702) and fifth (1705) she is Dina Olivier.

I think there can be little doubt that she was one of the two children
referred to in the Resolutions of the Council of Policy in August and
September 1676 who had been fathered by Ocker Cornelisz, later
surnamed Olivier, during the period when Willem Willemsz was
imprisoned on Robben Island.

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