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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff 1
born Ommen 2
died circa 1696, (assumed from muster rolls) 3
He left Holland from Goeree on 17th December 1657, travelling on the ship
'Dordrecht' as a soldier of the Dutch East India Company. The ship arrived
at the Cape on 28th April 1658. On the 8th May he was drafted on shore as
a rifleman (he is listed as a soldier in the muster roll of 5th March 1659) and
became a free settler on 30th September 1659. Although several web sites
state that he was a preacher, I have found no source for this statement. Nor
have I found any evidence in the records that I have been able to consult to
indicate even an approximate birth date for him.

His wife and children were granted a passage to the Cape and arrived on
the 'Malacca' on 4th February 1662. The muster rolls of 1664, the earliest to
list numbers of children, lists:

Jan Coenraet Visser, van Ommen met Geertje Gerrits van Hardenburg.
3 kinderen (Lorna Newcomb suggest that these were probably Geesje,
Gerrit and Coenraad.)

(Information from Leibbrandt's Letters and Documents Received 1649-1662,
and from the Daybook of Jan Anthonisz van Riebeeck, 1651-1662, references
provided by Lorna Newcomb

In the muster rolls of 1688 Jan Coenraet Visser and Grietje Visser are listed
(VC 39, page 79). After this date there the muster rolls that exist (1690, 1691)
do not list wives. In 1692 Jan Coenraet Visscher is listed without a wife
(wives were listed in this year), VC39 page 111, and he is again single in the
roll for 1692 and 1695 but does not appear after that date (next roll 1696).

In his opgaaf return for 1695 he is recorded as living in the Cape District, single,
with only 6 cattle and no other farming produce, one female slave, 1 slave boy
and 2 slave girls.


Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692

Maria Jansz
c1649 -

Gerrit Jansz

Geesje Jans
d. c1713

Coenraad Jansz
1663 -

Zacharia Jansz
1665 -

Jan Jansz

children of Jan Coenraadsz and Geertjen Visser

Maria Jansz Visser circa 1649-circa 1718
born circa 1649, Ommen
died circa June 1718, (assumed from date of inventory)
 married (1) circa 1664 at the Cape

Willem Willemsz de Lierman 4 died 1692
 (2) 1674 extramarital relationship

Okker Cornelisz: Olivier 5 died 1692
 married (3) circa June 1690 Mauritius

Lambert Simonsz Stam 6 died 1692

Gerrit Jansz Visser died 1713
born Ommen
died between February and September 1713
 married 4 August 1675 Cape Town

Jannetie Thielemans circa 1659-1717

Geesje Jans Vissers died circa 1713
born Hardenberg
died circa June 1713, (during the smallpox epidemic)
 married (1) 12 July 1671 Cape Town

Hendrik Gysbertsz Verschuur 7 died circa 1709
of a farm on the Liesbeeck River
 married (2) 26 December 1694 Cape Town

Dirck Gijsbertsz Verwey 8 died circa 1709
of a farm situated on the Paardeberg

Coenraad Jansz Visser 1663-circa 1743
born 1663, at the Cape
baptized 8 April 1663, Cape Town
died circa December 1743
 married 5 August 1685 Cape Town

Catharina Everts Van Der Zee 9 died circa 1713

Zacharia Jansz Visser 1665-circa 1721
born 1665, at the Cape
baptized 23 August 1665, Cape Town
died circa 1721
 married (1) 29 October 1679 Cape Town

Diederik Putter 10 1673-circa 1722
 married (2)

Johannes Basson 11 1673-circa 1722
 married (3) 5 July 1706 Stellenbosch

Andries Krugel 12 1673-circa 1722
farmer (1713)
of the farm, 't Blomkooltje, Paarl
and by 1734 Weltevreden, Joostenberg

Jan Jansz Visser born 1667
born 1667, at the Cape
baptized 16 January 1667, Cape Town
 married 8 May 1689 Cape Town

Catrina Janse Van Der Zee 13 circa 1675-1734

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