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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff
died circa 1696
Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692
Geesje Jans Vissers 1
born Hardenberg 2
died circa June 1713, (during the smallpox epidemic) 3
Her Verweij children as named here were all still
living in July 1713 when the inventory of her estate
was drawn up.

married (1) 12 July 1671 at Cape Town 4

Hendrik Gysbertsz Verschuur
died circa 1694
of a farm on the Liesbeeck River 5

1671 -

1673 -


1677 -

1679 -





1690 -

married (2) 26 December 1694 at Cape Town 36

Dirck Gijsbertsz Verwey
died circa 1713
farmer 37
of a farm situated on the Paardeberg 38




children of Geesje Jans and Hendrik Gysbertsz Verschuur

Gijsbert Verschuur 6 1671-circa 1713
farmer 7
of Paarl 8
born 1671 9
baptized 15 November 1671, Cape Town 10
died circa 1713, (date of inventory)

Notes: He died without leaving any children, and
his mother inherited his share of his and his wife's
joint estate.


Anna Sebina Venter 11 died circa 1694

Notes: She had been previously married to
Henrik Venter and the inventory drawn up to
value the estate in June 1713, mentions six
Venter children.

Jannetie Verschuur 1673-before 1713
born 1673
baptized 29 October 1673, Cape Town
died before 1713

Matthijs Wigman 12

Willem Verschuur born 1675
born 1675 13
baptized 5 January 1676, Cape Town 14

Notes: He had presumably died before October
1681 when a younger brother was named Willem.

Marietje Verschuur 15 1677-circa 1702
born 1677 16
baptized 25 April 1677, Cape Town 17
died circa 1702, (assumed from date of inventory) 18

Notes: According to the inventory drawn up in 1702,
after her death, she left two sons, Hendrik Cloete, aged
four and a half and Jacob Cloete aged two and a half.
These two sons were again named in the inventory drawn
up in 1713, after the death of their grandmother, Geesje

On 15th July 1721 Hendrik Cloete petitioned the Council of
Policy, stating that he had already reached the age of 26
years but could not provide proof since the baptismal book
of Drakenstein, where he was baptised, had for many years
been missing, and therefore asked for a grant of 'veniam
aetatis' (majority) so that he could manage his own affairs.

(Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope,
Cape Town Archives, South Africa, C. 56, pp. 72-81


Coenraad Cloete 19

Aaltje Verschuur 1679-circa 1713
born 1679
baptized 20 August 1679, Cape Town
died circa June 1713
 married (1)

Reinier Nauta 20
 married (2)

Dirk Vroonhof 21

Willem Verschuur born 1681
born 1681 22
baptized 26 October 1681, Cape Town 23

Hilletje Verschuur 24 born 1684
born 1684 25
baptized 24 September 1684, Cape Town 26

Coert Gerritsz. Piper 27

Gerrit Verschuur born 1686
born 1686 28
baptized 1 September 1686, Cape Town 29

Anna Verschuur born 1688
born 1688 30
baptized 13 June 1688, Cape Town 31

Notes: She had presumably died before March
1690 when a younger sister was again named Annatje.

Anna Verschuur 32 1690-circa 1713
born 1690 33
baptized 19 March 1690, Cape Town 34
died circa 1713, (date of inventory)

Notes: According to the inventory drawn up after
her death, both her husband and her one son, Jan Hendrik
Vlok, had predeceased her, and her estate went, therefore
into the estate of her mother, Geesje Visser.


Johannes Vlok 35

children of Geesje Jans and Dirck Gijsbertsz Verwey

Trijntje Verwey 39 born 1697
born 1697 40
baptized 6 June 1697, Cape Town 41

Johannes Franke 42 died circa 1713

Maritje Verwey 43 born 1699
born 1699 44
baptized 24 May 1699, Cape Town 45

Pieter Reaal 46

Gijsbert Verwey 47

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