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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff
died circa 1696
Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692
Jan Jansz Visser 1
born 1667, at the Cape 2
baptized 16 January 1667, Cape Town 3
This couple made their last opgaaf return in 1705, when they are
recorded as having one son and three daughters, and they last
appear in the muster rolls, living at the Cape, on 31st January 1708.
After that there is no record of them at the Cape. Did they move on
to Batavia or repatriate?

Cape Town Congregation - membership register 1696-1712.
page 121, 1708, 27 Junij, Johannes Visscher, onder-coopman, met
attest[atie] vertrokken.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 8 May 1689 at Cape Town 4

Catrina Janse Van Der Zee








children of Jan Jansz and Catrina Janse Visser

Jannetie Visser born 1690
born 1690 5
baptized 5 March 1690, Cape Town 6

Zacharia Visser born 1691
born 1691 7
baptized 1 April 1691, Cape Town 8

Johannes Visser born 1693
born 1693 9
baptized 29 November 1693, Cape Town 10

Willem Visser born 1696
born 1696 11
baptized 26 August 1696, Cape Town 12

Geertruyd Visser born 1699
born 1699 13
baptized 31 May 1699, Cape Town 14

Catrina Visser born 1702
born 1702 15
baptized 20 August 1702, Cape Town 16

Willem Visser born 1705
born 1705 17
baptized 17 July 1705, Cape Town 18

# The parents of Jan Jansz Visser

This couple did not always, apparently, have witnesses at the baptisms
of their children, but out of four baptisms with witnesses, two would
seem to be siblings of Jan Visser, Zacharia Wagenaer (Visser) and
Coenraat Visser, and a third a niece, Jannetie Verschuur. Following this
and judging from his patronym I have assumed he was the same Jan
Visser who was baptised 16th January 1667, the son of Jan Coenraets
Visser and his wife Grietjen Gerritsen.

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