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Jan Coenraadsz Visser alias Jan Groff
died circa 1696
Geertjen Gerrits
died 1692
Coenraad Jansz Visser 1
farmer 2
of Veelverjaagt, Stellenbosch 3
born 1663, at the Cape 4
baptized 8 April 1663, Cape Town 5
died circa December 1743 6
will dated 15 November 1710
Their childen are given as listed in their will dated 15 November 1710
and from the Cape Town church registers.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 5 August 1685 at Cape Town 7

Catharina Everts Van Der Zee
1673-circa 1722


1690 -

1691 -


1695 -

c1697 -

1707 -




children of Coenraad Jansz and Catharina Everts Visser

Jacomyntje Visser 8 born 1688
born 1688 9
baptized 23 May 1688, Cape Town 10
 married (1)

Hendrik Schreuder 11 1673-circa 1722
 married (2) 29 August 1705 Stellenbosch 13

Jan Beukes 12 1673-circa 1722
born Otmesbeukhold 14

Aeltje Visser 1690-before 1744
born 1690
baptized 23 April 1690, Cape Town
died before 1744

Claas Swart 15

Evert Visser 1691-1723
born 1691 16
baptized 29 July 1691, Cape Town 17
died between 1723 and 1744

Notes: He was mentioned in his parents' will of 1710,
and made opgaaf returns in 1709, 1712, 1719 and 1723 as
living in Stellenbosch. He is not mentioned in his father's
estate accounts of 1744 so had presumably died between
1723 and 1744 without leaving surviving heirs.

Geertje Visser born 1694
born 1694 18
baptized 21 March 1694, Cape Town 19

Augustus Meijhuijsen 20

Catharina Visser 1695-before 1744
born 1695
baptized 21 October 1695, Stellenbosch
died before 1744

Jurgen Beijer 21

Jan Visser Coenraadsz 22 circa 1697-after 1761
born circa 1697 23
died after 1761

Notes: He is included on the opgaaf returns made
between 1719 and 1752 as a single man, living in the
Stellenbosch district, presumably not a farmer, since
all these returns list no farm animals or crops, merely
the usual possesions of a single man, a gun and a

In the return of 1757 and 1761, however, he is listed as
having a wife, after which there are no more returns for

 married 11 August 1754 Stellenbosch 24

Catharina Smit died before 1744

Maria Visser 1707-circa 1785
born 1707
baptized 8 October 1707, Cape Town
died circa 1785

Fredrik Brand 25

Jannetie Visser born 1711
born 1711 26
baptized 1 February 1711, Stellenbosch 27

Dirk Martensz: 28

Marta Visser born 1713
born 1713 29
baptized 2 February 1713, Stellenbosch 30

Laurens Martensz: 31

Geesje Visser 32

Juriaan Hendriksen 33

# The parents of Coenraad Jansz Visser

I have assumed, from his patronymic, and the fact that his will states
that he was born at the Cape, that he was the same Coenraad Visser
baptised at the Cape on 8 April 1663, the son of Jan Coenraets Visser.
His age as given in the same will of 1710 (fifty) does not match the date
of his baptism but since the age of his wife, in the same will, is too old
by two years, we can assume that his is too, and in that case the match
seems reasonable.

The only apparently related baptismal witness of their children then is
Jannetie Tielemans, his sister-in-law.

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