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Abraham Bastiaansz Pyl
died circa 29 September 1703, Jan de Jonkers Hoek, Stellenbosch
According to the enquiry of 1719 he had had a farm in the Moddergat
which was sold by his widow in 1718 to a Hendrik Fredriksz. Clopper.
(source: TANAP Cape Resolutions, C51, pages 53-65)

On the evening of Friday 28th September he was pulled from the river by
the children of Jan van Zijlen and taken to their house and put before the
fire to dry and given a bed for the night. About midnight Jan van Zijlen was
woken by screams and found Pijl out of his bed with his throat cut and a
bloody knife by him.

On the next day came the Landdrost Pieter Robbertsz, and the heemraden
Dirk Coetse and Gulliam du Toit, accompanied by the surgeon Jean du Plessi,
where they found Abraham Pijl still alive. He told them by gestures and words
that he himself was responsible and that his wife was the cause, but gave no
further explanation. (1 STB 18/154, 4th October 1703, pages 183-186)

He buried two children in the Stellenbosch churchyard in 1700.
(Malan, Ockert, Verlore Dokumentasie oor die Gemeente Stellenbosh;
in Capensis; 1700 15 Dec - Abram Pijl voor twee kinderen f.12


Cornelia Cornelisse
born 1674








children of Abraham Bastiaansz Pyl and Cornelia Cornelisse

Bastiaan Pyl born 1690
born 1690 1
baptized 5 February 1690, Stellenbosch 2

Notes: MOOC 1/5, page 23 and 26, 1727 - Margaretha Pijl

Anna Pyl born 1691
born 1691 3
baptized 27 May 1691, Stellenbosch 4

Catrina Pyl born 1692
born 1692 5
baptized 16 November 1692, Stellenbosch 6

Johannes Pyl born 1696
born 1696 7
baptized 6 January 1696, Stellenbosch 8

Maria Pyl born 1697
born 1697 9
baptized 9 August 1697, Stellenbosch 10

Lijsebet Pyl born 1699
born 1699 11
baptized 18 October 1699, Stellenbosch 12

Barent Pyl born 1701
born 1701 13
baptized 20 November 1701, Stellenbosch 14

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