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Prijnen Deckers
died circa 1700
Abraham Evertsz 1
farmer 2
of Stellenbosch 3
born Middelburg 4
died between April and November 1712 5
He first appears in the Muster Rolls of free settlers at the Cape in
1693, resident in the Stellenbosch District..

According to the inventory drawn up after his death, they owned
two houses at Stellenbosch in which the widow was then living and
the deceased had sold, in April 1712, a farm called Calbasse Craal
also at Stellenbosch to Pieter Jansz Swanepoel , on which only a
portion had so far been paid off, and they or she would seem to
have sold a farm in Jan de Jonker's Hoek to Dirk Vion on which
money was still owing.

married 10 August 1700 at Stellenbosch 6

Catharina Lafebre
died 1760


children of Abraham Evertsz and Catharina Lafebre

Appolonia Evertsz 7 born 1706
born 1706, at the Cape 8
baptized 11 April 1706, Stellenbosch 9

Notes: She and Andries Esterhuisen were
witnesses at the baptism of Elisabeth Smit in February 1730.

 married 17 July 1727 Drakenstein

Jan Andries Esterhuisen died 1760
born at the Cape 10

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