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Hans Ras 1
farmer (1662) 2
born circa 1636, Angel 3
died between March 1671 and April 1672 4
He was said to have been killed by a lion (private diary of
Baron van Reede). If so Margaret Cairns postulates that
the accident may have occurred around January 1671 and
that he died, perhaps from the injuries, at some date between
the 3rd March 1671 (when he signed a transfer deed) and
April 1672 when Trijn Ras remarried.

(Margaret Cairns, Tryn Ras - In: Familia, vol 15 & 16, 1978-79)

married 3 September 1662 at at the Cape 5

( they were married after the morning service that Sunday,
by the Secretary of the Council of Justice, no predikant
being available (the late predikant, Junius, was, in fact,
buried that same afternoon))

Trijntie Claas Oftings
circa 1641-1708
of Welvernoegt, Joostenberg 6

1665 -

1666 -


1671 -

children of Hans Ras and Trijntie Claas Oftings

Hendrik Ras 7 1665-before 1708
born 1665
baptized 23 August 1665, Cape Town 8
died before 1708, Ceylon 9

Notes: According to the inventory drawn up on
18th August 1708, Hendrik was deceased, having
died in Ceylon, and had left survivng children,
(names and location not specified)

Claas Ras 1666-circa 1713
born 1666
baptized 12 September 1666, Cape Town
died circa 1713
 married circa 1696

Maria van Staden 10 1678-circa 1723
of Weltevreden, Stellenbosch

Marijntie Ras 11 born 1669
baptized 9 March 1669, Cape Town 12

Joos Strijdom 13

Notes: Persoonsgegevens van Joris Strijdom
Herkomst: De caab
Rang: Adelborst
Datum einde verbintenis: 11/08/1713
Einde verbintenis: Overleden
Plaats einde verbintenis: Azie

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Raadhuis van Middelburg Inventarisnr.: 12746
Kamer: Zeeland Folio: 164
Uitreis: 30/04/1712 Bestemming: Batavia
DAS- en reisnr 2170.2 Aankomst: 20/11/1712
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

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Hans Ras 14 1671-circa 1705
born 1671, at the Cape 15
baptized 21 June 1671, Cape Town 16
died circa 1705 17

Notes: He drew up his will on 8th July 1705, lying on his
sick bed and in the house of Marten van Staden, leaving all
his possessions to his mother, Trijntje Claas, with legacies
to his brother, Claas Ras, his sister Marijna Ras, his two half
sisters Lourentia and Lijsbet Michielsz:, and to the children
of his brother Claas, Johannes and Catarina Ras. These
were all left sums of money. An additional bequest was that
of two cattle to Susanna van Vooren.

Oddly enought, the internal evidence in this will, the age
given for Hans and just two children mentioned for Claas,
suggest a date of circa 1701, rather than that of 1705.
Perhaps part was copied from an earlier will.

He was not mentioned as one of his mother's heirs in the
inventory drawn up on 18th August 1708.

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