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List of people in the Ras and Van Staden family tree

139 individuals, 50 families, 38 surnames

van Amerongen, Maria Ariens (died circa 1677) 
Andreas, Theowald  
Botha, Catharina (died before 1791) 
van den Brink, Barend (died 1698) 
van den Brink, Warnar (born circa 1678) 
Champelaer, Francois (died 1673) 
Coetze, Dirk  
Coetze, Margareta (died circa 1731) 
Cornelis, Laurens (died 1677) 
Cornelis, Maria (born 1675) 
Cornelisz, Lourentia (born 1677) 
Duijmeling, Mauritius Godlieb  
Engels, Aletta (1715-circa 1729) 
Engels, Lambert (died circa 1722) 
Engels, Theunis (born 1716) 
Ferreira, Catharina Aletta  
Ferreira, Hester  
Ferreira, Ignatius Marthinus (born circa 1773) 
Ferreira, Ignatius Wilhelmus  
Ferreira, Martha Maria  
Ferreira, Marthinus Jacob (born circa 1776) 
Ferreira, Petrus Hendrik  
Ferreira, Pieter Hendrik  
Ferreira, Susanna Elisabeth  
Grijp, Pieter  
van Heiningen, Jannetje (died circa 1715) 
Jordaan, Louis  
Just, Anna Sabina (born circa 1744) 
Just, Carel Titus  
Just, Johanna Henderina (born circa 1746) 
Just, Susanna Christina (born circa 1742) 
Krugel, Christina (1709-circa 1724) 
Krugel, Dirck (born 1718) 
Krugel, Jan (born circa 1714) 
Krugel, Joannes (born 1712) 
Krugel, Margareta  
Krugel, Matthijs (died circa 1731) of Stellengift and De Lange Valleij both in Drakenstein 
Krugel, Sara (born circa 1716) 
Meckelenburg, Marten  
Meyer, Anna Barbara (born circa 1776) 
Meyer, Catharina  
Meyer, Christina Louisa (born circa 1786) 
Meyer, Jan Jacob  
Meyer, Johan Jacob (born circa 1780) 
Meyer, Johanna Helena (born circa 1778) 
Michielsz, Anna Lijsbet  
Michielsz, Matthijs  
Muller, Frans Diederik  
Oftings, Trijntie Claas (circa 1641-1708) of Welvernoegt, Joostenberg 
Pienaar, Petrus  
Potgieter, Hans Jurgen  
Prinsloo, Claas (died 1727), farmer, of the farm called Schoonpoort, situated at De Groote Paardeberg 
Prinsloo, Nicolaas  
Ras, Catharina (born 1697) 
Ras, Christian (1700-circa 1723) 
Ras, Christina (born 1711) 
Ras, Claas (1666-circa 1713), farmer, of Stellenbosch 
Ras, Hans (circa 1636-1671), farmer 
Ras, Hans (1671-circa 1705) 
Ras, Hendrik (1665-before 1708) 
Ras, Hendrik (born circa 1709) 
Ras, Johannes (born 1698) 
Ras, Marijntie (born 1669) 
van Rensburg, Johannes Petrus Jansz  
van Rensburg, Lucas Marthinus Jansz:  
van Rostock, Jan Lourensz  
Schulp, Sara Jacobsz van der (died circa 1728) 
van Staden, Aletta  
van Staden, Aletta (born circa 1730) 
van Staden, Anna Margaretha (born circa 1743) 
van Staden, Caspara (1683-circa 1713) 
van Staden, Catharina  
van Staden, Catharina Geertruijd (born 1726) 
van Staden, Catharina Maria (born circa 1737) 
van Staden, Cornelia (born circa 1732) 
van Staden, Elisabeth (born circa 1735) 
van Staden, Hans Jurgen (circa 1733-before 1791) 
van Staden, Hendrik (born circa 1746) 
van Staden, Hester  
van Staden, Jacobus Fredrik (circa 1739-before 1791) 
van Staden, Jan (1681-circa 1714) 
van Staden, Jan Hendrik (born 1724) 
van Staden, Johannes Willem (born circa 1741) 
van Staden, Katrijna (born 1711) 
van Staden, Lijsbet (circa 1690-circa 1714) 
van Staden, Maria (1678-circa 1723) of Weltevreden, Stellenbosch 
van Staden, Maria Elisabeth  
van Staden, Maria Elisabeth (born circa 1729) 
van Staden, Marten Jans (circa 1638-1716), 1675 to 1685 gardner at Werkhoven and Doorn, Utrecht
from 1687 farmer of Bloemendal, Drakenstein 
van Staden, Marthe (born 1706) 
van Staden, Marthinus  
van Staden, Marthinus (circa 1705-circa 1746) of Noro, on the Palmiet River 
van Staden, Marthinus (circa 1732-before 1791) 
van Staden, Martinus  
van Staden, Martinus (1675-1707), farmer, of Paarl Diamant 
van Staden, Maurits (born 1713) 
van Staden, Maurits Louis (1680-circa 1713) 
van Staden, Nicolaas Maurits (born circa 1740) 
van Staden, Petronella  
van Staden, Petrus (born circa 1769) 
van Staden, Pieternella (circa 1692-circa 1739) 
van Staden, Willem (1685-before 1741) 
Steyn, Hermanus  
Strijdom, Joos  
Swetman, Jacobus  
Venter, Cornelia (died circa 1746) of De Seeven Rivieren, Banghoek, Stellenbsoch 
van Vuuren, Daniel  
van Wielig, Hermanus  
Willemsz, Catharina (circa 1647-1717) 

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