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Marten Jans van Staden 1
1675 to 1685 gardner at Werkhoven and Doorn, Utrecht
from 1687 farmer of Bloemendal, Drakenstein
born circa 1638, Haarlem 3
died 7 November 1716 4
In 1670, when he married at Utrecht, the marriage entry indicates
that he had previously lived at Loenen.

Between 1675 and 1680 he lived at Werkhoven, near Utrecht, and
from 1681 to 1685 at Doorn, a nearby village, where he worked as
gardener at the Huis te Doorn, at that time apparently belonging
to Caius Laurentius Barthram, son of the Count of Broeckdorf.

He and his wife, Caterina Willemsz, are first found listed among the
free settleers at the Cape in the muster rolls of 1688. There is no
muster roll for 1687, but since he was granted the farm, Bloemendal,
in the Drakenstein district in 1687 (J.G. le Roux et al. Bewaarders
van Ons Erfenis, deel 3
) that seems their likely year of arrival.

On the 31st January 1688 he was granted permission by the Burger
Raad (Burger Council) of the Cape to transfer from the Cape area to
go to live at Drakenstein and the move was apparently made on the
10th December 1688, judging from the statement at the bottom of this
attestation: 'fiat naer Drakensteijn' with that date and the signature
of Simon van der Stel. (1 STB 15/2, Attestatien)

In 1697 he was elected one of the Heemraden (councillors) for the
district of Drakenstein. (Resolutions of the Council of Policy,
C. 23, pp. 5-10. from the TANAP web site

His children are given as listed in the will, drawn up jointly with his
wife on 31st July, 1705, and in the church registers of Werkhoven
and Doorn.

I have some notes on the place of origin of the Van Staden Family
and the sources of that information. My thanks to Frank Witschge
of Almere in the Netherlands for bringing them to my attention.

married (1) 2 November 1670 at Domkerk, Utrecht 5

Maria Ariens van Amerongen
died circa 1677

1675 -

married (2) 25 November 1677 at Werkhoven, Utrecht 7

Catharina Willemsz
circa 1647-1717

1678 -

Maurits Louis
1680 -

1681 -

1683 -

1685 -

c1690 -

c1692 -

children of Marten Jans van Staden and Maria Ariens van Amerongen

Martinus van Staden 1675-1707
born 1675
baptized 6 June 1675, Werkhoven, Utrecht
died between September and December 1707
 married circa 1701 (probably at Drakenstein)

Aletta van der Merwe 6 circa 1687-circa 1729

children of Marten Jans van Staden and Catharina Willemsz

Maria van Staden 1678-circa 1723
born 1678
baptized 22 December 1678, Werkhoven
died circa 7 July 1723
 married (1) circa 1696

Claas Ras 8 1666-circa 1713
farmer (1705)
of Stellenbosch
 married (2) 4 February 1714 Stellenbosch

Lambert Engels 9 died circa 1722

Maurits Louis van Staden 1680-circa 1713
born 1680
baptized 11 July 1680, Werkhoven
died circa 1713
 married 13 April 1710 Stellenbosch

Johanna van den Bosch 10 circa 1690-circa 1747
of Natte Valleij, Drakenstein

Jan van Staden 11 1681-circa 1714
born 1681 12
baptized 10 November 1681, Doorn, near Utrecht 13
died circa 1714 14

Caspara van Staden 1683-circa 1713
born 1683 15
baptized 27 May 1683, Doorn, near Utrecht 16
died circa 1713 17

Notes: She appears twice as a baptismal witness in
the registers of the church at Cape Town, once on the
24th April 1701 and again on 10th May 1705. On both
occasions she is partnered with Pieter Grijs. In 1703
they appear as a couple on the muster rolls and thus
continue from year to year until, in 1713 Pieter Grijp
appears on his own.

 married  19

Pieter Grijp 18
born Middelburg 20

Notes: He was a cadet in the employ of the Dutch East
India Company, listed as such in the muster roll of 1696,
but by May 1699, he had become a freeman.
(Leibbrandt, Letters Dispatched, 1695-1708, p. 117)

His name appears in the muster rolls (transcripts of transcripts)
and Stellenbosch Notarial Papers (1711) as Pieter Grijp, but in
the church registers as Pieter Grijs.

Willem van Staden 1685-before 1741
born 1685, Utrecht
baptized 15 March 1685, Doorn, near Utrecht
died before 1741
 married 14 February 1717 Drakenstein

Cornelia Venter 21 died circa 1746
of De Seeven Rivieren, Banghoek, Stellenbsoch

Lijsbet van Staden circa 1690-circa 1714
born circa 1690
died circa February 1714, (assumed - date of inventory)
 married circa 1707

Matthijs Krugel 22 died circa 1731
of Stellengift and De Lange Valleij
both in Drakenstein

Pieternella van Staden circa 1692-circa 1739
born circa 1692, at the Cape 23
died circa 1739, (assumed - date of inventory) 24

Notes: According to the inventory drawn up after her
death she left 7 children: Willem (25), Jochem (22), Claas (16)
and Martinus (13) Prinsloo, the sons of Claas Prinsloo, and
Johannes Ludovicus (10) , Maria Petronella (8) and David (4)
Jordaan, the children of her second husband, Louis Jordaan.
Presumably her daugher, Alletta Catharina Prinsloo, listed
in the 1727 inventory of Claas Prinsloo, had died before 1739.

 married (1) 1 December 1709 Cape Town 26

Claas Prinsloo 25 died 1727
farmer 27
of the farm called Schoonpoort,
situated at De Groote Paardeberg
born at the Cape 28
died 1727, (assumed - date of inventory) 29
 married (2) 11 April 1728 Drakenstein 31

Louis Jordaan 30

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