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John Thwaites
born 1830
Caroline Crampton
circa 1829-1905
Samuel Arthur Thwaites
Elizabeth Bronger
Stanley Philip Thwaites
born 24 November 1889
died 21 December 1968, Charlton, Ontario 1
Stanley and his brothers emigrated to Canada and the United
States in the early 1900s, but his sisters remained in England.

Stanley, was a picture framer when he emigrated to Canada.
Later he worked the railroad, served in World War 1 (received
the military medal) and then worked as a farmer and miner in
the mines of northern Ontario.

The information on this family comes from
David Thwaites of Ontario, Canada.

married 17 May 1909 at St James, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2

Clara King
died 1975

1911 -

Phyllis Evelyn
1913 -

1915 -

George Herbert

children of Stanley Philip and Clara Thwaites

Ethel Thwaites 1911-1986
born 9 February 1911, Houlton, Maine, USA
died 24 March 1986
 married 25 May 1934

Edward Johnston

Phyllis Evelyn Thwaites 1913-1989
born 1 September 1913, Houlton, Maine, USA
died 27 July 1989
 married 6 July 1934

James Kearns

Arthur Thwaites 1915-1919
born 19 July 1915 3
died June 1919 4

Notes: He died shortly after his father returned from the first World War.

George Herbert Thwaites
 married (1)

Marjorie Adams
 married (2)

Carol Beamish 5
 married (3)

Beatrice Kell

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