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Daniel Zaaijman 1
of Cape Town 2
born Flushing 3
died 1713, most probably, and presumably during the smallpox epidemic 4
Prior to coming to the Cape around 1708, he had lived with his family on
the island of Mauritius, then a Dutch East India Company Settlement,
where they had grown sweet potatotes on the Lemoenboomvlakte. In
1696 he had two slaves to help him and they were expected to plant out
1000 half-aums of sweet potatoes each year and then dig up the crop.
The Comander at Mauritius suggests that for this they really need about
30 or 40 slaves.

Upon the abandonment of the settlement on Mauritius, he was one of
the freemen who elected to go to the Cape (rather than to Batavia)

(Source: Leibbrandt - Letters Received 1695-1708, pages 92, 168 & 453)

On the 11th March 1711 he and his son, Pieter Zaaijman, informed the
Burgerraad that they were planning to move from the Cape District to
that of Stellenbosch and received permission to do so. (1 STB 15/2)

At the time of his death he owned a house and yard in the Table Valley,
block gg, numbers 11 and 12. This house was sold from his estate to
Jan Jacob Stockvliet in March of the following year.

His household goods seem to have been minimal, a bed, mattress and
pillows plus some table and kitchen ware. Apart from these, a large
stock of silver buttons (58) and trouser fittings perhaps indicates that
he dealt in these?

There is also a chest with coopering tools, perhaps another trade he
or one of his five slaves, practised.

His children are listed in the order given in the documents below.

(Source: Inventory dated 1st December 1714, MOOC 8/3, and
Deceased Estate Accounts dated 15th June 1717, MOOC 13/1/1, 89


Pieternella Meerhof
died 1713






c1698 -



children of Daniel Zaaijman and Pieternella Meerhof

Catharina Zaaijman died before 1715
died before 1715

Roelof Diodati 5 died before 1729

Eva Zaaijman died before 1714
died before 1714
 married (1)

Herbert Jans van der Meyden 6
 married (2) 30 September 1711 Stellenbosch

Johannes Smit 7 1683-1714

Magdalena Zaaijman died before 1709
died before 1709

Johannes Bocklenbergh 8 circa 1668-circa 1709
surgeon (1699)

Maijke Zaaijman died 1713
born Mauritius
died 1713, probably during the smallpox epidemic

Hendrik Abrahamsz de Vries 9 1676-1744

Pieter Zaaijman
born Mauritius
 married 10 January 1712 Stellenbosch

Anna Maria Coopman 10 born 1695

Daniel Zaaijman circa 1698-1725
sailor in the emply of the Dutch East India Co. 11
born circa 1698, Mauritius 12
died 15 July 1725, in the far east, probably Ceylon 13

Notes: He made his profession of belief on 16 August 1718 to become
a member of the Cape Town NG Church with Johanna van Es,
wife of Hendrik de Vries as his witness.

On 29th November 1718 he applied to the Council of
Policy to enter the service of the Dutch East India Company
to try his fortune in India, saying that he was at present a
ward of the Orphan Chamber and very poor.

(source: Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope,
Requesten (1715-1806), by H.C.V. Leibbrandt

Johannes Zaaijman born 1704
born 28 January 1704, Mauritius 14
baptized 17 February 1709, Cape Town 15

Notes: He had presumably died before 1714,
since he is not named in the the inventory drawn
up after the death of his father, Daniel Zaaijman.

Christiaan Zaaijman born 1708
born 27 March 1708, Mauritius 16
baptized 17 February 1709, Cape Town 17

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