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Francois du Toit 1
of Kleinbosch, Drakenstein 2
born Rijssel, Flanders 3
died before December 1731, (based on will filing date) 4
He came from Flanders and arrived at the Cape in 1686, on board
the Dutch East India Ship 'De Vrijheid' which, in that year, left
Wielengen on the 9th March 1686 bound for Batavia, calling at the
Cape between 23rd June 1686 and 3rd July 1686.
(Sources: Kopie-rol van gekwalificeerde civiele en militaire VOC-
dienaren in Kaap der Goede Hoop. 1725.
Transcribed from one
of the 42 books in this call group at the Rijksarchief in the Hague
by: Dr Lesley A. Robertson CBiol FIBiol. De VOC Site.

Where I have been unable to find other evidence, I have listed the
children in the order established by Juna Malherbe (see 1. below).

Both in their will of 1715 and that of 1730, Francois and Susanne make
special provision for their youngest son, Steven or Stephanus.

In the 1715 will he is left 800 gulden over and above what would be his
share. In 1723 he is left the same plus the farmhouse called 'de Lemite
Rivier', the reason for this is his disablitiy (gebrekkelijkheijt).

In 1730 they issued a codicil changing their executors with no mention
of the son Stephanus.

1. Juna Malherbe, Die Du Toit-familie in SA - nuwe feite oor die b-geslag,
in Bulletin 36, 1999, Hugenote Vereniging van SA

married 12 February 1690 at Cape Town 5

Susanne Seugnet
died before 1745

c1690 -

c1691 -

b. c1692


1697 -



b. c1703

1705 -


children of Francois du Toit and Susanne Seugnet

Geertruijd du Toit circa 1690-1750
born circa 1690, at the Cape
died 19 November 1750
 married (1)

Carel van der Merwe 1698-1721
 married (2) 15 December 1710 Stellenbosch

Pierre Rousseau 6 circa 1666-circa 1719
of De Boog van Orleans, by the Bergrivier, Drakenstein
 married (3)

Jan Bastiaanse 7 died 1748
of l'Arc d'Orleans, situated on the Wemmersrivier

Andries du Toit circa 1691-circa 1749
born circa 1691
died circa 1749
 married 7 March 1717 Drakenstein

Martha Roussouw

Susanna du Toit born circa 1692
born circa 1692 8

Willem Elbertsz 9

Helena du Toit 10 born 1695
baptized 8 May 1695, Drakenstein 11

Pieter du Toit 1697-1768
born 1697, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 9 March 1697, Drakenstein
died 16 May 1768, Drakenstein

Elisabeth Russouw 12 1696-1785
of Calais, by the Ronden Berg in Daljosaphat

Francois du Toit born 1699
baptized 28 June 1699, Drakenstein 13

Martha du Toit born 1701
baptized 4 November 1701 14

Stephanus du Toit born circa 1703
born circa 1703 15

Elisabeth du Toit 1705-1789
born 1705
baptized 9 August 1705
died 5 January 1789, Tulbagh

Jacques Theron born 1699

Maria du Toit born 1709
baptized 21 September 1709, Drakenstein 16

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