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Pieter La Grange
circa 1664-1725
Margarita Cornelisz Kool
circa 1690-1771
Jan La Grange 1
born 1712 2
baptized 23 October 1712, Cape Town 3
His two sons are stated to have been the half brothers
of Sara Gous, widow of Nicolaas de Bruijns, in her estate
accounts of 1802.

He was still living in 1755 when he was baptismal witness to
Hester Gous's first child.

for a note on his parentage see below#

between 1735 and 1736 (assumed) 4

( no marriage entry to be found but it seems most likely
that this marriage took place at Drakenstein
since there is a large gap left in the middle of the year 1736.
April to August are missing and most of a page left blank
presumably to receive them.)

Johanna Conterman

Johannes Petrus
1737 -


children of Jan La Grange and Johanna Conterman

Johannes Petrus La Grange 5 1737-before 1802
born 1737 6
baptized 27 January 1737, Cape Town 7
died before 1802 8

Marthinus La Grange born 1739
baptized 30 March 1739, Drakenstein

# The parents of Jan La Grange

I have assumed that the Jan la Grange who was married to
Johanna Conterman, was the same person as the Johannes
la Grange who was baptised at Cape Town in 1712, since
Margareta Cool, who was the mother of that child was also
a witness at the baptism of his first born son.

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