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List of people in the Gous family tree

189 individuals, 64 families, 54 surnames

Becker, Carel Christiaan  
Bekker, Dorothea  
Bekker, Helena (born 1702) 
Bekker, Helena (born circa 1739) 
Bekker, Johanna (born circa 1741) 
Bekker, Jonas (born circa 1749) 
Bekker, Marthinus (born circa 1743) 
Bekker, Martinus (1710-circa 1752), farmer, of De Moordkuil, across the Breede Rivier 
Bekker, Pieter (died before 1748), farmer 
Bekker, Pieter (born circa 1746) 
Bekker, Stephanus (born 1705) 
Beneke, Johan Diederik  
den Berg, Jan Christoffel van  
Bester, Andries  
Bester, Nicolaas  
Biljon, Ernst  
Bok, Anna  
Bok, Anna (born 1708) 
Bok, Catharina (circa 1705-circa 1779) 
Bok, Christiaan (died circa 1716), baker 
Bok, Christiaan (born 1714) 
Bok, Christiaan (born 1736) 
Bok, Clara (circa 1716-circa 1798) 
Bok, Johanna  
Bok, Michiel (born circa 1702), baker 
Botha, Frederik  
Botha, Willem  
Botma, Magdalena (died circa 1763) 
Brits, Magdalena  
Brits, Ockert , farmer 
Brits, Ockert  
Brits, Pieter  
de Bruijn, Claas (died 1774) 
de Clercq, Abraham  
de Clercq, Jannetje (died circa 1748) 
de Clercq, Joost  
de Clercq, Pieter (died before 1688) 
Coetzee, Gerrit  
Conterman, Hans Jacob  
Conterman, Johanna  
Conterman, daughter  
Couchet, Sara (died 1714) of Stellenbosch 
Decré, Jacqueline (died before 1691) 
Duijf, Andries (died circa 1734), miller, of Drakenstein 
van Emmenes, Alletta Johanna  
van Emmenes, Catharina (born 1732) 
van Emmenes, Cornelia (born 1735) 
van Emmenes, Elsje (born 1743) 
van Emmenes, Gerrit (died circa 1769), farmer, of Weltevreeden, in the Koggelmanskloof 
van Emmenes, Gerrit (born 1740) 
van Emmenes, Johannes Albertus (born 1737) 
van Emmenes, Roelof  
Fuchs, Johann Georg (died circa 1735) 
Gauch, André (died 1698), smith, farmer, of Drakenstein 
Gauch, Pierre  
Gobrechts, Andries (born circa 1722) 
Gobrechts, Christiaan (died circa 1731), farmer 
Goosen, Willem  
Gous, Alletta Dorothea (born 1762) 
Gous, Andries (circa 1698-circa 1735), farmer, of De Melkhouteboom, on the Duijvenhoks River 
Gous, Andries (circa 1720-circa 1810) 
Gous, Andries (1744-1752) 
Gous, Andries (born 1755) 
Gous, Andries (born 1756) 
Gous, Andries Stephanus (1740-circa 1814) 
Gous, Anna (1721-1773) 
Gous, Anna (born 1758) 
Gous, Barend (1723-circa 1741) 
Gous, Catharina (1723-1789) 
Gous, Catharina (born 1758) 
Gous, Catharina Elisabeth (born 1760) 
Gous, Catharina Geesje (born 1777) 
Gous, Christina (1725-circa 1792) 
Gous, Clara (1732-circa 1821) 
Gous, Cornelis (born 1764) 
Gous, Dina Johanna (born 1771) 
Gous, Dorothea (born 1724) 
Gous, Elisabeth (1753-circa 1800) 
Gous, Gerrit (born 1780) 
Gous, Helena (born 1732) 
Gous, Hester (born 1734) 
Gous, Johanna (1695-before 1698) 
Gous, Johanna (1723-1794) 
Gous, Johanna (born 1725) 
Gous, Johanna (born 1772) 
Gous, Johannes (born 1743) 
Gous, Johannes Petrus (born 1758) 
Gous, Johannes Stephanus (1748-before 1773) 
Gous, Johannes Stephanus (born 1768) 
Gous, Magdalena (born 1766) 
Gous, Maria Johanna (born 1749) 
Gous, Marie (born 1690) 
Gous, Martinus (born 1762) 
Gous, Ocker (born 1755) 
Gous, Pieter (1692-circa 1730), farmer, of De Doorn Rivier, over 't Roode Sand 
Gous, Pieter (circa 1719-1790) 
Gous, Pieter (born 1727) of De Voorbaad, situated at the Swarteberg 
Gous, Pieter Andries (born 1753) 
Gous, Sara (1694-circa 1722) 
Gous, Sara (circa 1727-circa 1797) 
Gous, Sara (born 1727) 
Gous, Sara (born 1729) 
Gous, Sara (born 1772) 
Gous, Stephanus (born and died 1720) 
Gous, Stephanus (born 1729) of De Elands Valleij, at the Swarte Berg 
Gous, Steven (1683-before 1758), farmer, of Berg en Daal, Koeberg 
La Grange, Jan (born 1712) 
La Grange, Johannes Petrus (1737-before 1802) 
La Grange, Margareta (born 1707) 
La Grange, Maria Fredrika (died 1795) 
La Grange, Marthinus (born 1739) 
La Grange, Pieter (circa 1664-1725) 
La Grange, Pieter (born 1709) 
Groothenning, Anna (died 1718) 
Hofman, Catharina  
Huppenaar, Catharina (born 1736) of De Elands Valleij, at the Swarte Berg 
Huppenaar, Frederik  
Kool, Margarita Cornelisz (circa 1690-1771) 
Lasch, Jan  
de Maaker, Johanna (born 1714) 
Maartensz:, Jannetje (died circa 1736) 
Meijer, Agatha (died before 1771) 
Mulder, Maria Hendrina  
Nortje, Elisabeth  
Oberholster, Hans  
Oberholster, Johanna Barbara (born 1713) 
Oosthuijsen, Anna (died circa 1745) 
Oosthuijsen, Elsje (died circa 1740) 
Oosthuijsen, Gerrit  
Oosthuijsen, Jacobus  
Oosthuijsen, Jan (died circa 1730) 
Oosthuijsen, Jan  
Oosthuijsen, Jannetje  
Oosthuijsen, Martinus , sailor in service of the Dutch East India Company 
Oosthuijsen, Petronella  
Oosthuisen, Gerrit  
Otto, Michiel  
Pilje, Willem (died before 1802) 
du Plessis, Charl Johannes (born circa 1737) 
du Plessis, Eljse Petronella (born circa 1737) 
du Plessis, Pieter , farmer, of the loan farm Kruijsvalleij at Roodezand 
Poel, Elisabeth van der  
de Preez, Hercules  
Pretorius, Johanna  
Pretorius, Wessel (died circa 1752), farmer, of Hollebak, over the Duijvenhoxrivier 
Jansen van Rensburg, Johannes  
Jansen van Rensburg, Maria Fransina (born 1793) 
van Rooijen, Andries (born circa 1757) 
van Rooijen, Cornelis (born 1755) 
van Rooijen, Hester (born circa 1761) 
van Rooijen, Johanna (born circa 1765) 
van Rooijen, Reijnier (died 1770) of Swellendam 
van Rooijen, Reijnier (born circa 1759) 
Slabbert, Gideon  
Smit, Adriaan Johannes (died before 1785) 
Smit, Aletta Dorothea  
Smit, Alewijn Johannes  
Smit, Andries Adriaan (born circa 1784) 
Smit, Hester Helena (born 1786) 
Smit, Jacobus Stephanus (born circa 1780) 
Smit, Johannes Petrus (died 1788), farmer 
Smit, Johannes Petrus (born 1761) 
Smit, Petrus Andries (born 1775) 
Smit, Petrus Hendrik (died before 1800) 
Strijdom, Anna Elisabeth  
Strijdom, Johanna Dorothea  
Strijdom, Mathijs  
Strijdom, Matthijs (died 1755), farmer 
Strijdom, Matthijs (died before 1755) 
de Swart, Johanna Helena (born 1737) 
de Swart, Louis (died circa 1738), farmer 
du Toit, Guilliam (died before 1711) 
du Toit, Helena (born 1690) 
Vorster, Alletta (circa 1722-1798) 
Vos, Hendrik  
Vos, Jacobus Johannes  
Vos, Jan  
Vos, Johannes Hendrik  
Vos, Michiel Christiaan  
Vosloo, Anna Magdalena (died circa 1792) 
Vosloo, Jan (died circa 1765) 
de Wet, Jacobus  
van Wijk, Gerbregt  
van Wijk, Johannes Willem (died before 1802) 

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