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Christiaan Bok
baker 1
born Wolfenbuttel 2
died circa 1716 3
He was a baker and ran a bakery in Cape Town as partner of Hans
Casper Gerringer, who died in early 1719. See the very interesting
account of these two partners by Margaret Cairns, Geringer and
Bok - A Genealogical Jigsaw, in Familia, 1976, 2.
There appears to be some controversy over his children. All as
listed are named as his children in his inventory of 1716 and in
the joint Estate Accounts of Hans Gerringer, Christiaan Bok and
Anna Groothenning of 1719.
In addition, when he married Anna Groothenning in 1713, the
marriage entry declared that standing between them were three
children, named Michiel, Catharina en Johanna Bok. This was a
method often adopted to legitimize children born to the couple
before the marriage.

married 5 February 1713 at Cape Town 4

Anna Groothenning
died 1718

b. c1702

c1705 -



c1716 -

children of Christiaan Bok and Anna Groothenning

Michiel Bok born circa 1702
baptized 19 March 1702, Cape Town

Elisabeth van der Poel

Catharina Bok circa 1705-circa 1779
born circa 1705, at the Cape
died circa December 1779
 married 6 March 1718 Cape Town

Steven Gous 5 1683-before 1758
of Berg en Daal, Koeberg

Anna Bok 6 born 1708
born 1708 7
baptized 21 October 1708, Cape Town 8

Notes: She was baptised Johanna and known by that name as a child
but at the time of her marriage and later she seems to have been
known as Anna Bok.

There is no child Anna mentioned among the heirs of Christiaan
Bock (MOOC 8/3, 36) but from the Estate Accounts of Clara Bok
(MOOC 13/1/22, 4) of 1798 it is clear that she had a sister known
as Anna Bok married to Andries Bester. Since the child Johanna
is the only one of the 5 children unaccounted for in later records,
and the minutes of the Weeskamer (MOOC 1/3, page 34, 21st July
1724) note that Johanna Bok received her inheritance of f.3000
upon her marriage and Anna Bok married Andries Bester in
February 1724 I have assumed that Johanna and Anna must have
been one and the same person .

 married 13 February 1724 Stellenbosch 9

Andries Bester

Notes: In 1798, in the Estate accounts of his wife' sister,
Anna Bok, are listed 5 sons, Andries, Christiaan, Paul and
Jacobus Bester, all already dead but leaving offspring who
are named, and Nicolaas Bester, still living at that date.

Christiaan Bok 10 born 1714
born 1714 11
baptized 8 July 1714, Cape Town 12

Notes: He was entrusted to the care of his brother, Michiel Bok, by the will of
Hans Casper Gerringer when the latter died in early 1719 (Cairns,
Gerringer & Bok, in Familia, 13 no 1) but by early 1724 Michiel Bok was
complaining to the Weeskamer that Christiaan kept running away and
that his sister, wife of Steven Gous, encouraged him. In June of the same
year he reported that the boy had once again run away and was with his
sister and Gous and suggested that it might be best if the child was put
under their care.

The Weeskamer noted that over the previous three years there had been
many of these spats and that they had previously given Michiel warning to
look properly after his brother so now they sent the child to live with the
messenger of the Weeskamer, Nicolaas Mulder, at 5 rixdaalers a month.
(MOOC 1/3, pages 9 and 28)

Presumably this did not solve the problem since on the 9th September
1727 Andries Bester, his brother-in-law asked to have Christiaan live wtih
him, in order to learn farming, which was granted. (MOOC 1/5, page 63)

On the 21st February 1728 Andries Bester asked the Weeskamer for 600
gulden Christiaan's capital in order to buy in a quantity of cattle. Steven
Gous, Christiaan's other brother-in-law stood guarantor for the money.
The request was granted. (MOOC 1/6, page 9)

Clara Bok 13 circa 1716-circa 1798
born circa February 1716, at the Cape 14
died circa 1798 15
 married (1) circa 1758 ? date of joint will 17

Gideon Slabbert 16
will dated 1 October 1758 18
and filed after 2 September 1768 19
 married (2) 4 February 1731 Cape Town 21

Johann Georg Fuchs 20 died circa 1735
born Weenen (apparently Vienna), Austria 22
died circa 1735, (assumed from filing date of will) 23
will dated 18 October 1732 24
and filed 21 May 1735 25

Notes: His will is in the name of Johan Jurgen Fox,
but he signed it Johann Georg Fuchs.

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