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Christiaan Bok
died circa 1716
Anna Groothenning
died 1718
Catharina Bok 1
born circa 1705, at the Cape 2
died circa December 1779 3
In her will dated 22nd April 1767 she states that she would like
her son, Andries Stephanus Gousch, to have her freehold farm
named Berg en Daal situated on the Diepe Rivier, and also her
cattle station, a loan farm from the Company, situated on the
Groot Rivier and named De Klipheuvel, both at a total valuation
of 12,000 guldens to be paid (into her estate) in four equal
portions. (MOOC 7/1/22, 45).

A loan farm named the Klipheuwelsfontein, on the Green River
(according to the index card) was granted to Steven Gouts on
13th June 1740. I assume that this is the one referred to above.

In 1798, the Deceased Estate Distribution account of Clara Bok,
who left no children of her own, listed among her heirs her sister
Catharina Bock's children, named as Andries Stephanus Gousch,
Sara Gousch and Clara Gousch. Since the Roman Dutch law then
in force at the Cape decreed that all children were entitled to an
equal share of parent's estate, this tells us that all the other
children of this couple had died before 1798 without leaving living
descendants. (Cape Archives, MOOC 13/1/22, 4)

married 6 March 1718 at Cape Town 4

Steven Gous
1683-before 1758
farmer 5
of Berg en Daal, Koeberg 6

born and died

1721 -

1723 -

1725 -


1732 -

Andries Stephanus
1740 -

children of Catharina Bok and Steven Gous

Stephanus Gous born and died 1720
born 1720 7
baptized 1 September 1720, Cape Town 8
died between 1720 and 1721, most probably 9

Notes: In the opgaaf returns Steven Gous and
Catharina Bok have no children in 1721, 3 daughters in 1725,
4 daughters in 1731, 5 daughters in 1735, the same in 1738,
and in 1751 they have 1 son and 5 daughters. It would seem,
therefore, that their first child, Stephanus, had died before
1725. (Univ of the Western Cape computerisation). Certainly
this son, Stephanus, was not listed amongst his mother's
heirs in her will of 1758, so must have died before that date
without leaving any heirs.

Anna Gous 1721-1773
born 1721 10
baptized 30 September 1721, Cape Town 11
died between 1773 and 1798 12

Catharina Gous 1723-1789
born 1723 13
baptized 1 August 1723, Cape Town 14
died April 1789, Swartland 15

Christina Gous 1725-circa 1792
born 1725 16
baptized 18 March 1725, Cape Town 17
died circa 1792 18

Sara Gous born 1727
born 1727 19
baptized 6 April 1727, Cape Town 20

Clara Gous 1732-circa 1821
born 1732, at the Cape 21
baptized 20 July 1732, Cape Town 22
died circa July 1821 23
will dated 20 October 1804 24

Andries Stephanus Gous 25 1740-circa 1814
born 1740, at the Cape 26
baptized 12 June 1740, Cape Town 27
died circa October 1814 28

Notes: The witnesses at his baptism were Steven Gouts and Anna
Gouts. Would these have been his sister and his father, or
Stephanus Gous the son of his half-uncle, Andries Gous?

On the 22nd September 1757 he was granted the right to
graze stock at the Reeboksfontein on the Gouritz River,
vacated by his mother, the Widow Stephen Gous.

He and his wife appear to have had no children, but to have
adopted as their son Andries Carel Eduard Alexander
Fackelijn Gous. (MOOC 7/1/49, 85 - Will of A.S.Gous, 1804).

 married  30

Maria Hendrina Mulder 29
born at the Cape 31

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