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Pieter de Clercq
died before 1688
Sara Couchet
died 1714
Jannetje de Clercq 1
born Zeeland 2
died circa 1748 3
Her children and grandchildren are given as listed in the Estate
Accounts drawn up in 1748, after her death.

De Villiers / Pama (Geslagregister van die Ou Kaapse Families,
A.A.Balkema, 1966) suggests that there were two or more
Bekker children between Andries Gous, born circa May 1698 and
Hester Bekker, born probably around July or August 1700. but I
have found no evidence of any, and there is only a two year gap
between these two children.

Juna Malherbe (in Jannetje de Clerc, Huguenot Society of South
Africa Bulletin 35, 1998), writes that their was also a child named
Gideon Bekker born 1698. She questions the date, which from the
evidence of the Joernaal-boek der Caapse Weesen 1698 would
appear to be impossible, but she accepts the existence of the
child itself, but she presents no evidence. I have found none.

for a note on her parentage see below#

married (1) 19 August 1691 at Stellenbosch 4

( according to the marriage entry
he was a widower)

André Gauch
died 1698
smith, farmer 5
of Drakenstein 6

1692 -

1694 -

1695 -

c1698 -

(2) circa 1699 (assumed) 12

Pieter Bekker
died before 1748
farmer 13

1700 -




1710 -

(3) circa 1713 (extramarital relationship?)



children of Jannetje de Clercq and André Gauch

Pieter Gous 1692-circa 1730
born between 1692 and 1693, at the Cape
died circa 1730, (date of inventory)
 married 4 May 1721 Stellenbosch

Anna Oosthuijsen 7 died circa 1745

Sara Gous 1694-circa 1722
born between 1694 and 1695
died circa December 1722

Christiaan Gobrechts 8 died circa 1731

Johanna Gous 1695-before 1698
born 1695
baptized 25 September 1695, Drakenstein 9
died before June 1698 10

Andries Gous circa 1698-circa 1735
born circa May 1698
died circa June 1735, (assumed from date of inventory)
 married 14 May 1719 Drakenstein

Johanna Conterman 11

children of Jannetje de Clercq and Pieter Bekker

Hester Bekker 1700-1777
born 1700
baptized 5 September 1700, Stellenbosch
died 30 April 1777, Land van Waveren
 married 25 December 1718 Drakenstein

Alewijn Smit de oude 1695-1774
of Zo Voorbij, Vierentwintigrivieren

Helena Bekker 14 born 1702
born 1702 15
baptized 24 December 1702, Drakenstein 16

Jacobus de Wet 17

Stephanus Bekker 18 born 1705
born 1705 19
baptized 16 August 1705, Stellenbosch 20

Dorothea Bekker 21

Notes: In her mother's Estate Accounts of 1748 she is
described as the separated wife of Gerrit Oosthuisen.


Gerrit Oosthuisen 22

Martinus Bekker 1710-circa 1752
born 1710
baptized 14 December 1710, Stellenbosch
died circa 1752, (date of inventory)

Johanna Pretorius 23

children of Jannetje de Clercq and unknown

Johanna de Maaker born 1714
baptized 3 February 1714, Drakenstein
 married (1)

Louis de Swart 24 died circa 1738
 married (2) 1 October 1740 Drakenstein

Hercules de Preez Philipsz: 25

# The parents of Jannetje de Clercq

There seems little doubt that she was the daughter named in the
will of Sara Couchet dated 4 January 1711. Her birthplace, so far
as I have found is only given as Zeeland, but this fits well with
the daughter of Sara Couchet. The only one of her children by
Andre Gauch for which a baptismal entry survives, Johanna Gous,
names Guillaume du Toijt et Susanne Seugnet, as the witnesses.
Guillaume du Toit was the second husband of Sara Couchet.

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