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Sara Couchet 1
of Stellenbosch 2
born Oostzoubourgh, Walcheren 3
died February 1714 4
buried 28 February 1714, Stellenbosch 5
In the muster roll of 1692 (no earlier muster roll names them) they
are listed as having three children (VC 39, page 117) and in 1695
they still have three childeren (VC 39, page 143). In 1698 there are
two children listed (VC 39, page 180). In the muster rolls of 1700 no
numbers of children are given, but immediately following the names
of Guiljam du Toij and Sara Couchet is that of Joost de Clercq (VC 39,
page 193). On 23rd January 1701 (the last time numbers of children
are given in the muster rolls) they are listed with one child (VC 40, 2),
Abram and Joost de Clerq are listed separately, but still in the
Stellenbosch district.

Her four surviving children are named in her will dated 4 January 1711.

married (1)

Pieter de Clercq
died before 1688



d. c1748

married (2) 16 May 1688 at Cape Town 9

Guilliam du Toit
died before 1711


children of Sara Couchet and Pieter de Clercq

Abraham de Clercq 6

Joost de Clercq 7

Jannetje de Clercq died circa 1748
born Zeeland
died circa 1748
 married (1) 19 August 1691 Stellenbosch

André Gauch 8 died 1698
smith, farmer
of Drakenstein
 married (2) circa 1699 (assumed)

Pieter Bekker died before 1748
 (3) circa 1713 extramarital relationship


children of Sara Couchet and Guilliam du Toit

Helena du Toit born 1690
born 1690, at the Cape
baptized 6 August 1690, Stellenbosch
 married 5 July 1706 Stellenbosch

Hans Oberholster

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