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André Gauch
died 1698
Jannetje de Clercq
died circa 1748
Jan Oosthuijsen
died circa 1730
Jannetje Maartensz:
died circa 1736
Pieter Gous
1692-circa 1730
Anna Oosthuijsen
died circa 1745
Pieter Gous 1
of De Voorbaad, situated at the Swarteberg 2
born 1727, at the Cape 3
baptized 6 July 1727, Drakenstein 4
will dated 31 May 1779 5
and filed 29 October 1799 6
In their will of 1779 both declared that they no longer had any
parents still living.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 5 November 1752 at Tulbagh 7

Magdalena Brits

Pieter Andries



Catharina Elisabeth




Johannes Stephanus

Dina Johanna




children of Pieter Gous and Magdalena Brits

Pieter Andries Gous born 1753
baptized 11 November 1753, Cape Town 8

Notes: I have not been able to check
this child's details. He appears as one of
their children in De Villiers / Pama.

Ocker Gous born 1755
baptized 12 October 1755, Tulbagh 9

Anna Gous born 1758
born 1758 10
baptized 22 October 1758, Drakenstein 11

Catharina Elisabeth Gous born 1760
born 1760 12
baptized 13 April 1760, Drakenstein 13

Martinus Gous born 1762
born 1762 14
baptized 14 February 1762, Drakenstein 15

Cornelis Gous born 1764
born 1764 16
baptized 9 March 1764, Drakenstein 17

Magdalena Gous born 1766
born 1766 18
baptized 30 March 1766, Drakenstein 19

Johannes Stephanus Gous born 1768
born 1768 20
baptized 31 January 1768, Drakenstein 21

Dina Johanna Gous born 1771
born 1771 22
baptized 10 February 1771, Drakenstein 23

Johanna Gous born 1772
born 1772 24
baptized 16 November 1772, Drakenstein 25

Sara Gous born 1772
born 1772 26
baptized 16 November 1772, Drakenstein 27

Gerrit Gous born 1780
born 1780 28
baptized 14 May 1780, Tulbagh 29

# The parents of Pieter Gous

The only evidence I have found is that of baptismal witnesses.
Luckily for this process, this couple was very family orientated!

The witnesses at the baptism of his first child were Johanna Gous
and Matthijs Strijdom, the sister and brother-in-law of the Pieter
Gous who was born 1727 to Pieter Gous and Anna Oosthuijsen.

Those of the second child were Johannes Oosthuijsen and Anna
Botha, brother of Anna Oosthuijsen and his wife, uncle and Aunt
of the Pieter Gous born 1727.

Those of the third child were Dorothea Gous and Ockert Brits, she
the sister of the Pieter Gous born 1727 and the second husband of
Johanna Gous, sister of Pieter Gous born 1727.

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