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Elisabeth Wendels 1
born circa 1670, Amsterdam 2
died circa April 1719 3
Her Estate Accounts list a house, presumably in Cape Town, and
the farm 'Aan t'pad ende Watergangh', bought by Johannes Louw,
her eldest son, and another farm ' De DoorneKraal', situated in the
Paardeberg, sold to Jacob Malan.

In early 1720 her two eldest children, Beatrix and Johannes Louw,
together with Maria Brakel and Magdalena Wens, drew up an
inventory of the contents of her house. This consisted of a main room
(Voorhuijs) with a room to the left and a room to the right. In the room
on the left were eight assorted paintings and a mirror with a gilded
frame, in the Voorhuijs six small prints and in the left hand room two
little paintings and six little prints. Behind the front rooms came the
Gallery, which from its furnishings (a large oval table, many porcelain
plates, etc) would seem to have been the dining room. The gallery had
a small room off each side. Behind these rooms was the kitchen.

The house, in Cape Town, Block 'DD', which had been purchased 31st
October 1704, was bought by Nicolaas Gockelius 22nd May 1722.
(MOOC 9/1/108, Verkoop Conditien).

married 29 November 1693 at Cape Town 4

Pieter Jansz: Louw
1667-before 1719


Anna Magdalena
1696 -

1698 -

1700 -




1708 -

Maria Helena
1711 -

1713 -

children of Elisabeth Wendels and Pieter Jansz: Louw

Johannes Louw 5 born 1694
born August 1694 6
baptized 10 October 1694, Stellenbosch 7

Notes: On 20th June, 1719, he petitioned the Council of Policy at the Cape,
saying that he was the son of the late Pieter Jansz. Louw, and was
aged 24 yearas and 10 months. Although he was still two months
short of the age of 25, when he would be of age, he requested the
Council to grant him 'veniam aetatis', the right to manage his own

On 11th May 1719 he bought, from his mother's estate, the two farms
situated in Stellenbosch, 'Aan 't Pad' of 60 morgen and 'Watergang',
of 29 morgen, originally granted in 1692 and 1694, for the sum of 2510
gulden, the guarantors being Maria van Brakel and Sergius
Swellengrebel. (MOOC 9/1/85 and 86, Verkoop Conditien).

Anna Magdalena Louw 1696-1713
born 1696, at the Cape
baptized 17 June 1696, Cape Town
died 1713
 married 7 August 1712 Cape Town

Simon Witmond 8

Beatrix Louw 1698-1751
born 1698
baptized 12 November 1698, Cape Town
died between 1751 and 1752, Cape Town
 married (1)

Jan Groot 9 died 1717
bookkeeper on the ship, De Oude Zijpe
 married (2) 28 December 1721 Cape Town

Johannes Neder 10

Jacobus Louw Pietersz: 1700-before 1778
born April 1700, at the Cape
baptized 16 May 1700, Cape Town
died before 14 August 1778
 married 4 October 1727 Drakenstein

Willemina van Zijl 11 1695-1763

Nicolaas Louw 12 born 1702
born 1702 13
baptized 22 January 1702, Cape Town 14

Notes: He lived with his brother Johannes, under the
guardianship of the Weeskamer. During 1724 he asked
several times to be allowed to leave his brother and go
to live and work for someone else, suggesting Juffrouw
ten Damme (Helena Gulix). He also requested permission
in July 1724 to marry the daughter of Hans Conterman,
but was told to wait a while since the Weeskamer did not
consider he had sufficient means to keep a wife.
(Weeskamer Notulen Boek, 1724, MOOC 1/3)

 married circa 1724  15

Anna Maria Conterman

Catharina Louw 16 born 1703
born 1703 17
baptized 4 November 1703, Cape Town 18

Notes: She is described as disabled (gebreckig)
in the Weeskamer minutes of 7th August 1724.
(Weeskamer Notulen Boek, MOOC 1/3)

Elisabeth Louw 19 born 1705
born 1705 20
baptized 11 October 1705, Cape Town 21

Wijnand Louw 22 1708-1759
third surgeon at the hosptial 23
of De Palmiete Valleij, Drakenstein 24
born 1708 25
baptized 28 October 1708, Cape Town 26
died 2 April 1759, Drakenstein 27
will dated 5 January 1741 28
and filed 8 June 1759 29

Notes: He entered the service of the Dutch East India
Company as a soldier in 1725 and was made third surgeon
of the Hospital the same year according to his application
for burger papers (1737) as reported in HCV Leibbrandt,
Requesten 1715-1806

 married 5 January 1738 Drakenstein 30

Cecilia Marseveen died 1762
of De Palmiete Valleij, Drakenstein 31
died 15 May 1762, Drakenstein 32

Maria Helena Louw 1711-before 1719
born 1711 33
baptized 11 October 1711, Cape Town 34
died before 1719 35

Petronella Louw 1713-before 1719
born 1713 36
baptized 6 August 1713, Cape Town 37
died before 1719 38

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