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Jan Pietersz Louw
circa 1628-circa 1694
Beatrix Wijman
circa 1640-circa 1722
Pieter Jansz: Louw
1667-before 1719
Elisabeth Wendels
circa 1670-circa 1719
Jacobus Louw Pietersz: 1
farmer 2
of De Doornfonteijn, a loan farm on the Klijne Paardeberg 3
born April 1700, at the Cape 4
baptized 16 May 1700, Cape Town 5
died before 14 August 1778 6
and filed 14 August 1778 7
The children are given in the order that they are listed
in their mother's Estate Accounts.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 4 October 1727 at Drakenstein 8

Willemina van Zijl

Pieter Johannes
1728 -

Jacobus Gideon
c1730 -

1734 -


Albertus Wijnand

children of Jacobus Louw and Willemina van Zijl

Pieter Johannes Louw 1728-before 1777
born 1728
baptized 31 October 1728, Stellenbosch
died before 1777

Jacobus Gideon Louw de oude circa 1730-circa 1814
born circa December 1730, at the Cape
baptized 14 January 1731, Cape Town
died circa June 1814
 married (1) 5 November 1758 Swartland

Hester Wiese 9 1741-before 1781
 married (2) 11 November 1787 Tulbagh

Anna Catharina Witsche circa 1755-1843

Nicolaas Louw 10 1734-1764
born 1734 11
baptized 7 November 1734, Cape Town 12
died between 1764 and 1777 13

Notes: He presumably died between 1764 and 1777
without leaving descendants since he is named as one
of the heirs in his mother's Estate Accounts of 1764 but
is not named in his father's will dated 6th August 1777.

Wilhelm Louw born 1732
born 1732 14
baptized 19 October 1732, Drakenstein 15

Notes: He is not mentioned as one of the heirs in the
Inventory drawn up after his mother's deat in 1763 and
it can be assumed that he died without heirs prior to
that date.

Albertus Wijnand Louw born 1738
born 1738 16
baptized 6 April 1738, Drakenstein 17

# The parents of Jacobus Louw Pietersz:

I have no direct evidence as to who his parents were, only indirect:

He is named as Jacobus Louw Pietersz: in his will dated 6th August 1777.

We know that Jacobus, the son of Pieter Jansz Louw and Elizabeth
Wendels lived into adulthood because he applied to the Council of Policy
on 23rd March 1723 to be granted administration of his own goods even
though, aged 23, he had not yet reached the age of majority (25). On the
recommendation of the Orphan Masters, this was granted to him.
(Cape Archives, C. 65, pp. 45-54, TANAP)

His first child was named Petrus Johannes, after his father, and the
witnesses were his eldest brother, Johannes Louw and Magdalena
Wendels, presumably his late mother's sister.
(Stellenbosch baptisms page 128, 31 October 1728)

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