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Jan Pietersz Louw 1
born circa 1628, Caspel ter Mare 2
died circa February 1694, (assumed from date of inventory) 3
According to the inventory drawn up after his death and
dated 2nd March 1694, he left four children, three of age
and one son age 14. Their names are not given.

married (1)

Hubbeken Reijnierdr:
died before 1661

(2) 23 August 1661 (assumed), at the Cape 4

( the couple's intention to marry is recorded in the Diary of the Commander
of the Cape, Van Riebeeck, on Saturday, 20th August 1661. Presumably
becaue the only minister was on the ship 'De Jonge Prins', then in harbour
but due to sail, Van Riebeeck commanded their bans to be read over the
next three days, and said they should be married on the following Tuedsay
(23rd) after the predikant, Godefridus van Akendam, had given a sermon
on land. The ceremony itself is not recorded in the Diary.)

Beatrix Wijman
circa 1640-circa 1722
of Aen het Ronde Bosje, Cape District 5

Pieter Jansz:
1667 -

1670 -



1679 -

children of Jan Pietersz Louw and Beatrix Wijman

Pieter Jansz: Louw 1667-before 1719
born 1667, at the Cape
baptized 17 July 1667, Cape Town
died before 1719
 married 29 November 1693 Cape Town

Elisabeth Wendels 6 circa 1670-circa 1719

Annetje Louw 1670-circa 1699
born 1670, at the Cape 7
baptized 9 November 1670, Cape Town 8
died circa August 1699, (assumed from date of inventory) 9

Notes: In her will dated 9th December 1696 made with Hendrik
Hendriksz: Elberts, she leaves 300 guldens to her youngest
brother, Jacob Jans Louw, for his help during her widowhood
after the death and sickness of her first husband, Willem Jansz,
and for other help too. She leaves 100 florins to her mother,
Beatrix Wijnants, widow of the late Jan Pietersz:

She appears to have left no children.

 married (1) 9 September 1685 Cape Town 11

Willem Jansz: de Werelt 10 died before 1696
of Stellenbosch 12
died before 25 April 1696 13
 married (2) 25 January 1696 Stellenbosch 14

Hendrik Hendriksz: Elberts 1672-1698
born 1672 15
baptized 4 December 1672, Cape Town 16
died 1698 17
 married (3) circa August 1698 (assumed from date of marriage contract) 19

Johannes Pijthius 18
of Tweede Berg Dwars Straat, Cape Town 20

Notes: MOOC 1/5, page 9 - 7th March 1727

Zijnde wijders mede ten versoeke van Johannes Sphitius bottelier op 't Retourschip Witkenburg ten aansien de 25e jaaren, volgens verthoonde doopzeel heeft berijkt toegestaan, om sijn erfportie hier ter Camer bertustende te mogen ontfangen.

Persoonsgegevens van Christoffel Phijtius
Herkomst: De caab
Rang: Kwartiermeester
Datum einde verbintenis: 00/00/1724
Gerepatrieerd via schip: Middelwoud
met DASnr: 6579

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Herstelde Leeuw Inventarisnr.: 12819
Kamer: Zeeland Folio: 28
Uitreis: 23/04/1722 Bestemming: Batavia
DAS- en reisnr 2497.5 Aankomst: 08/06/1723
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

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Persoonsgegevens van Christoffel Petius
Herkomst: De caab
Rang: Constapelsmaat
Datum einde verbintenis: 00/00/1728
Gerepatrieerd via schip: Nieuwvliet
met DASnr:

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Nieuwvliet Inventarisnr.: 12842
Kamer: Zeeland Folio: 18
Uitreis: 19/03/1725 Bestemming: Batavia
DAS- en reisnr 2615.2 Aankomst: 22/11/1725
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

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Claas Louw born 1673
born 1673 21
baptized 24 October 1673, Cape Town 22

Notes: It would seem that he had died before
his father's inventory was drawn up on 12th March 1694,
since that document mentions four children and the other
four would all seem to have been living at this date.

There is a Claas Louw listed in the muster rolls of 1695 in
the district of Stellenbosch, but I suspect that this is just
a misreading or writing of Callis Louw, an unrelated free
man at the Cape during that time.

Margaretha Louw 23 born 1677
born 1677, at the Cape 24
baptized 18 April 1677, Cape Town 25

Notes: According to Hoge's Personalia of the
Germans at the Cape, she married Johannes Rauchganz
on the 9th December 1691. They made a joint will in 1694
which was filed in 1699, I don't know which of the pair
would have been the deceased at that date. Hoge lists no
children for this couple.

 married 9 October 1691 Cape Town 27

Joannes Ruijpgens 26
born Hamel 28

Jacobus Louw 1679-1713
born 1679, at the Cape
baptized 21 January 1680, Cape Town
died July 1713
 married 22 January 1702 Cape Town

Maria van Brakel 29 born 1677

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