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Jan Pietersz Louw
circa 1628-circa 1694
Beatrix Wijman
circa 1640-circa 1722
Jacobus Louw 1
contractor for the supply of meat to the Company 2
of The Cape 3
born 1679, at the Cape 4
baptized 21 January 1680, Cape Town 5
died July 1713 6
will dated 4 July 1713
When he made his will on the 4th July 1713 he was described as
on his sick bed, so he presumably died not long after this, given
that we know he died before 1st Aug 1713 when, in the contract
drawn up between Beatrix Weijman and Maria van Brakel, the
latter is described as 'the widow of the late Jacobus Louw'.

He was one of the main organisers, with his brother-in-law
Adam Tas, of the petition against the corruption and opression
excercised by the Governor, Willem Adriaan van der Stel, which
was drawn up in early 1706 and sent to the Council of Seventeen
in Amsterdam. In March and April the ringleaders were arrested
and questioned.

Their tribunal, the Council of Justice, whose members had been
appointed on this occasion by the Governor, consisted entirely
of the people they accused in their petition.

He was summonded to the Castle on the 14th April but he refused
to sign a recantation or to be questioned by the Landdrost,
Starrenburg, who was usurping the office of the Independent Fiscal.
As a result he was imprisoned until 18th April when he was again
examined by Starrenburg. He answered two questions, refusing any
others and was returned to prison. Questioned again on 4th June, he
answered a string of questions and was then asked to sign a recan-
tation express his regret: he refused. He was sent back to prison and
did not reappear again until 1st September, when he answered more

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 22 January 1702 at Cape Town 7

Maria van Brakel
born 1677


1704 -



1709 -

1710 -


children of Jacobus Louw and Maria van Brakel

Adriaan Louw 8 born 1702
born 1702 9
baptized 12 November 1702, Cape Town 10

Johannes Louw Jacobsz: 1704-1762
born 1704
baptized 6 July 1704, Cape Town
died 14 February 1762
 married circa 1732 (assumed)

Elisabeth Morkel 11 circa 1711-circa 1752

Jacobus Louw 12 born 1706
born 1706 13
baptized 18 April 1706, Cape Town 14

Adam Louw 15 born 1708
born 1708 16
baptized 19 August 1708, Cape Town 17

Harmanus Louw 1709-before 1775
born 1709
baptized 8 December 1709, Cape Town
died before 1775
 married 12 November 1752 Tulbagh

Elisabeth van Wijk 18 circa 1727-circa 1757

Leonardus Louw 19 1710-circa 1743
of Jakhalsvalleij, Olifantsrivier 20
born 1710 21
baptized 14 December 1710, Cape Town 22
died circa March 1743, (assumed from date of inventory) 23

Notes: The inventory of his estate (MOOC 8/6,58) dated
9th April 1743, notes that he left a wife, Elsje van der Heijde
and three children, Jacobus aged 4, Harmanus aged 2 and
Aletta aged 6 months. His widow stated that the loan farm
was worth nothing and that she intended to abandon it -
their belongings were minimal.

Nicolaas Louw born 1713
born 1713 24
baptized 25 June 1713, Cape Town 25

Notes: He died presumably before 1723, since he is not
mentioned as one of the children of Maria van Brakel in her
joint will of that year with her second husband, Jan Valk.

# The parents of Jacobus Louw

In her will dated 15th November 1721 Beatrix Weyman named
among her heirs the children of her late son, Jacobus Louw,
procreated with Maria van Brakel.

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