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List of people in the Louw family tree

283 individuals, 95 families, 65 surnames

van Aarden, Helena Anthonia (died circa 1818) 
Abrahamsz, Rachel  
Adriaansz:, Adriaan Louw  
Basson, Helena Sophia (died circa 1807) 
van Bengalen, Abraham  
van Bengalen, Rosetta  
Bibouw, Anna (born 1695) 
Bibouw, Cornelis (1694-before 1695) 
Bibouw, Dideloff (died circa 1695), surgeon, of corner of Tweede Berg Dwars Straat, Table Vally 
Bibouw, Hendrik (1690-1719), sailor in the employ of the Dutch East India Company 
Bibouw, Maria (1692-circa 1713) 
van den Bijl, Geertruij  
Bijl, Maria Sophia van der  
Boijensz, Gerrit (died circa 1781) 
van Brakel, Adriaan Willemsz (died circa 1699), carpenter in VOC service
later free settler 
van Brakel, Barbera (born 1688) 
van Brakel, Elisabeth (born 1673) 
van Brakel, Elisabeth (born 1674) 
van Brakel, Harmanus (born circa 1683) 
van Brakel, Harmanus (1686-circa 1728) 
van Brakel, Hermanus (born 1682) 
van Brakel, Jacobus (born 1676) 
van Brakel, Jacobus (1679-before 1713), farmer 
van Brakel, Jacobus (born 1681) 
van Brakel, Leendert (1687-1713) 
van Brakel, Maghtill (born 1690) 
van Brakel, Magteld (born 1685) 
van Brakel, Maria (born 1677) 
van Brakel, Sara  
van Brakel, Willem (born 1671) 
Cassa, Anthonij Isak  of 's Gravenhage 
Cok, Johanna (died before 1713) 
Conterman, Anna Maria  
Ten Damme, Barbara (born 1684) 
Ten Damme, Constantia Helena (born circa 1694) 
Ten Damme, Engela (1683-1733) 
Ten Damme, Helena Willemijna (born circa 1706) 
Ten Damme, Hendrick (born 1686) 
Ten Damme, Maria (born 1690) 
Ten Damme, Simon Petrus (born circa 1696) 
Ten Damme, Willem (died circa 1714), upper surgeon of the Dutch East India Company 
Ten Damme, Willemina Adriana (born circa 1700) 
Durand, Christina  
Durand, Jan (died circa 1727) 
Durand, Jan  
Durand, Jan (1720-before 1777) 
Durand, Johanna (1715-1773) 
Durand, Jonathan (1722-before 1763) 
Durand, Maria  
Durand, Susanna  
Durand, Susanna (1716-circa 1767) 
Durand, Willemina  
Durand, Willemina (born 1718) 
Durand, Willemina Christina (born 1726) 
Elberts, Claas (born 1675), farmer, of Stellenbosch 
Elberts, Geertruij (born 1677) 
Elberts, Geertruij (born 1681) 
Elberts, Hendrik Hendriksz: (1672-1698) 
Elberts, Isaac (1678-circa 1713) 
Elbertsz, Gerrit (1679-1713), farmer, of In de Hoek, Vierentwintigrivieren 
Elbertsz, Hendrik (died circa 1696) of Stellenbosch 
Elbertsz, Hendrik (born circa 1712) 
Elbertsz, Jan (born 1674) 
Elbertsz, Margareta (1686-before 1713) 
Elbertsz, Willem (born 1683) 
Erberbershuijsen, Hendrik  
Faarts, Joseph Johannes  
Frappé, Hendrik  
Geens, Barbara (circa 1626-before 1688) 
Geens, Gerrit (born 1624) 
Geens, Henrik (born 1625) 
Geens, Lenert  
Grimpe, Hans Jurgen (died before 1703) 
van Grol, Pieter , VOC Boekhouder at Batavia 
Groot, Jan (died 1717), bookkeeper on the ship, De Oude Zijpe 
Hop, Susanna Hilla  
de Keijser, Mechtelt  
Levring, Geertruijd  
Liebenberg, Adriaan Andries  
Liebenberg, Andries Jacobus  
Liebenberg, Barend Fredrik (born 1838) 
Liebenberg, Christiaan Jacobus  
Liebenberg, Fredrik Johannes  
Liebenberg, Helena Sophia Maria  
Liebenberg, Jacobus C.  
Liebenberg, Jacobus Coenraad  
Liebenberg, Matys Miquelze Louw  
Liebenberg, Nicolaas Petrus  
Liebenberg, Willem Frederik  
Louw, Adam (born 1708) 
Louw, Adriaan (born 1702) 
Louw, Adriaan (circa 1752-circa 1797), farmer 
Louw, Adriaan Andries (1798-1847), farmer 
Louw, Adriaan Andries (1832-1909) 
Louw, Albertus Wijnand (born 1738) 
Louw, Alida Hendrina (born 1779) 
Louw, Alida Johanna (born 1827) 
Louw, Andries Jacobus (1773-1837), farmer 
Louw, Andries Jacobus (born 1825) 
Louw, Andries Willem Jacobus (born 1841) 
Louw, Anna Christina (born 1765) 
Louw, Anna Jacboa (born circa 1802) 
Louw, Anna Magdalena (1696-1713) 
Louw, Anna Maria (born circa 1843) 
Louw, Annetje (1670-circa 1699) 
Louw, Beatrix (1698-1751) 
Louw, Catharina (born 1703) 
Louw, Christina Hendrina  
Louw, Claas (born 1673) 
Louw, Daniel Jacobus  
Louw, Elisabeth (born 1705) 
Louw, Elisabeth Catharina (born 1839) 
Louw, Elisabeth Maria (born 1775) 
Louw, Harmanus (1709-before 1775) 
Louw, Hendrik (born 1740) 
Louw, Hendrik Johannes (born 1767) 
Louw, Hendrina Wilhelmina (died 1853) 
Louw, Hermanus (died 1769) 
Louw, Hester Aletta (born 1768) 
Louw, Hester Maria  
Louw, Jacob Adriaan  
Louw, Jacobus (1679-1713), contractor for the supply of meat to the Company, of The Cape 
Louw, Jacobus (1700-before 1778), farmer, of De Doornfonteijn, a loan farm on the Klijne Paardeberg 
Louw, Jacobus (born 1706) 
Louw, Jacobus (1733-1767) of Stellenbosch 
Louw, Jacobus Gideon  
Louw, Jacobus Gideon  
Louw, Jacobus Gideon (circa 1730-circa 1814), farmer 
Louw, Jacobus Gideon (1760-circa 1816) of Bottelfontein, across the Berg River in the Cape District 
Louw, Jacobus Nicolaas  
Louw, Jan Pietersz (circa 1628-circa 1694) 
Louw, Johannes  
Louw, Johannes  
Louw, Johannes (born 1694) 
Louw, Johannes (1704-1762) of De Babilonische Toorn, Drakenstein 
Louw, Johannes (born circa 1749) 
Louw, Lea Helena  
Louw, Leonardus (1710-circa 1743) of Jakhalsvalleij, Olifantsrivier 
Louw, Margaretha (born 1677) 
Louw, Maria (born 1735) 
Louw, Maria Elisabeth (born 1754) 
Louw, Maria Helena (1711-before 1719) 
Louw, Maria Helena (circa 1801-1838) 
Louw, Maria Magdalena  
Louw, Maria Sophia (born & died 1734) 
Louw, Matthys Michiel (born 1804) 
Louw, Matthys Michiel (born circa 1847) 
Louw, Nicolaas (born 1702) 
Louw, Nicolaas (born 1713) 
Louw, Nicolaas (1734-1764) 
Louw, Petronella (1713-before 1719) 
Louw, Pieter Jansz: (1667-before 1719) 
Louw, Pieter Johannes (1728-before 1777) 
Louw, Pieter Johannes (born 1761) 
Louw, Rachel Elisabeth (circa 1760-1838) 
Louw, Sara Margaretha  
Louw, Stephanus Andries (born 1834) 
Louw, Susanna Hendrina  
Louw, Wijnand (1708-1759), third surgeon at the hosptial, of De Palmiete Valleij, Drakenstein 
Louw, Wilhelm (born 1732) 
Louw, Willem (circa 1738-before 1743) 
Louw, Willem (born 1743) 
Louw, Willem (born 1764) 
van Loveren, Christina (circa 1671-1730) 
Meulen, Aletta ter (circa 1649-circa 1711) 
Meulen, Hendrik ter  of Schuttorp in't Graavschap Benthem 
Morkel, Elisabeth (circa 1711-circa 1752) 
Morkel, Philip , constable on the returning ship 'Oosterstein' 
Morkel, Sophia Margaretha (born 1715) 
Morkel, Willem (1712-before 1713) 
Morkel, Willem (born 1718) 
Neder, Johannes  
Needer, Catharina  
Needer, Johannes  of Cape Town 
Needer, Petrus  
Nel, Elias Albertus  
Nusscher, Henrik  
Otto, Elisabeth Margaretha (died 1811) 
Pasman, Catharina (born 1691) 
Pijthius, Johannes  of Tweede Berg Dwars Straat, Cape Town 
Pleunis, Jacob  
Pleunis, Johannes , boekhouder 
Pretorius, Wessel  
Raats, Christina  
Raats, Jasper (circa 1777-1834), farmer 
Raats, Petrus Frederik  
Raats, Pieter  
Reijnierdr:, Hubbeken (died before 1661) 
Reijnste, Helena (born 1665) 
Reijnste, Hendrik (born circa 1639), carpenter 
Reijnste, Leendert (born 1666) 
le Roex, Magdalena Johanna  
van Rosendael, Jacob Huijbregtsz (died 1662), master gardener 
van Rosendael, Johannes (born 1655) 
van Rosendael, Machtelt (born 1649) 
van Rosendael, Machtelt (born circa 1651) 
van Rosendael, Machtild (born 1662) 
van Rosendael, Maria  
van Rosendael, Neeltje (born circa 1639) 
van Rosendael, Sara (1653-1690) 
Ruijpgens, Joannes  
Swarts, Carel Frederik  
Tas, Adam  
du Toit, Alida Johanna (circa 1810-1881) 
du Toit, Elisabeth  
Tregard, Carel  
van den Uijthoorn, Frans Gerritsz  
Valk, Abraham  of Rotterdam 
Valk, Jan (born circa 1681) 
Viljoen, Henning , farmer, of De Vier Fonteijnen, Nieuweveld 
Villiers, Isaacq de  
de Vos, Anna Sophia  
de Vos, Dirk  
de Vos, Philip Wouter (born & died 1730) 
de Vos, Philip Wouter (born 1731) 
de Vos, Pieter  
de Vos, Wouter (died circa 1731) of Libertas, Stellenbosch 
Wendels, Elisabeth (circa 1670-circa 1719) 
de Werelt, Willem Jansz: (died before 1696) of Stellenbosch 
Wiese, Hester (1741-before 1781) 
van Wijk, Cornelis  
van Wijk, Elisabeth (circa 1727-circa 1757) 
Wijman, Beatrix (circa 1640-circa 1722) of Aen het Ronde Bosje, Cape District 
de Wit, Wilhelmina Adriaanse (died circa 1727) 
Witmond, Catharina Elisabeth (1713-1719) 
Witmond, Simon  
Witsche, Anna Catharina (circa 1755-1843) 
Wobma, Cornelis , skipper of the hooker De Bode 
Wobma, Elijsabet (born 1679) 
van Zijl, Albertus  
van Zijl, Christina (born 1709) 
van Zijl, Gideon (born 1703) 
van Zijl, Hendrina (born 1701) 
van Zijl, Hester (born 1709) 
van Zijl, Johanna (born 1718) 
van Zijl, Johannes (born 1700) 
van Zijl, Pieter (born 1706) 
van Zijl, Willem Willemsz (circa 1668-circa 1727), in 1694 in Amsterdam, he was a gardener,
at the Cape first a gardner with the VOC
and then a free farmer, of Vreed' en Lust, Drakenstein 
van Zijl, Willemina (1695-1763) 
Zwellengrebel, J  

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