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Lenert Geens
Mechtelt de Keijser
Barbara Geens 1
born circa 1626, Amsterdam 2
baptized 15 September 1626, Amsterdam, Nieuwe Kerk 3
died before 22 February 1688 4
I have assumed (wihout having further proof) that she was
the child baptised to Lenert Geens and his wife Mechtelt de
Keijser on 15th September 1626 in the Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam,
given that she said she was born in Amsterdam and that she
was aged 36 in August 1666 when she married Hendrik Reijnste
at the Cape, plus the fact that she had several times named a
daughter of her own Magtelt.

(1) circa 1648 (assumed)

Jacob Huijbregtsz van Rosendael
died 1662
master gardener 5


b. c1651

1653 -




married (2) 2 September 1663 at Cape Town 14

Hendrik Reijnste
born circa 1639
carpenter 15



children of Barbara Geens and Jacob Huijbregtsz van Rosendael

Machtelt van Rosendael born 1649
born 1649 6
baptized 3 March 1649, Amsterdam 7

Machtelt van Rosendael born circa 1651
born circa 1651 8
baptized 29 January 1651, Amsterdam 9

Sara van Rosendael 1653-1690
born 1653, Amsterdam
baptized 14 October 1653, Amsterdam
died between 1690 and 1692
 married 28 May 1670 Cape Town

Adriaan Willemsz van Brakel 10 died circa 1699
carpenter in VOC service
later free settler

Johannes van Rosendael born 1655
born 1655 11
baptized 18 September 1655, Amsterdam 12

Maria van Rosendael
 married 29 May 1678 Cape Town

Cornelis Wobma
skipper of the hooker De Bode (1677)

Machtild van Rosendael born 1662
baptized 8 October 1662, Cape Town 13

children of Barbara Geens and Hendrik Reijnste

Helena Reijnste born 1665
baptized 23 August 1665, Cape Town
 married 19 July 1682 Cape Town

Willem Ten Damme died circa 1714
upper surgeon of the Dutch East India Company

Leendert Reijnste born 1666
baptized 14 November 1666, Cape Town 16

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