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Jacob Huijbregtsz van Rosendael 1
master gardener 2
born Leiden 3
died 2 March 1662, Cape Town 4
He arrived at the Cape on 9th April 1660 on the ship 'De Walvis'
with the rank of 'adelborst', a trainee ship's officer, with a salary
of 10 guilders per month. On the 15th of May of that year he was
appointed acting master gardener, in charge of the Company's
garden at the Cape, responsible for providing fruit and vegetables
for the passing ships. On the 23 March 1661 his appointment was
confirmed, in recognition of his ability and success in the post, on
the full sarly of 25 guilders per month.

According to a letter dated 11th November 1660, his wife and four
children to join him at the Cape, and by 8th October 1661 they had
arrived, for his daughter Neeltje, aged 22, was promised in marriage
to Frans Gerritsz van den Uijthoorn, and married him on the 13th
of the same month.

On the 2nd March 1662, he died after a very short illness, leaving
his widow with two children and pregnant with a third.

(Sources: Resolutions of the Council of Policy, C2 1661, the Diary
of Jan Anthonisz van Riebeeck, March 1662, and Lorna Newcomb's
referenct to the letter in: Leibrandt's Precis of Letters and Documents
received p.163)

married (1)


b. c1639

(2) circa 1648 (assumed)

Barbara Geens
circa 1626-before 1688


b. c1651

1653 -




children of Jacob Huijbregtsz van Rosendael and unknown

Neeltje van Rosendael 5 born circa 1639
born circa 1639 6
 married 13 October 1661 Cape Town 8

Frans Gerritsz van den Uijthoorn 7
born c 1644 9

children of Jacob Huijbregtsz van Rosendael and Barbara Geens

Machtelt van Rosendael born 1649
born 1649 10
baptized 3 March 1649, Amsterdam 11

Machtelt van Rosendael born circa 1651
born circa 1651 12
baptized 29 January 1651, Amsterdam 13

Sara van Rosendael 1653-1690
born 1653, Amsterdam
baptized 14 October 1653, Amsterdam
died between 1690 and 1692
 married 28 May 1670 Cape Town

Adriaan Willemsz van Brakel 14 died circa 1699
carpenter in VOC service
later free settler

Johannes van Rosendael born 1655
born 1655 15
baptized 18 September 1655, Amsterdam 16

Maria van Rosendael
 married 29 May 1678 Cape Town

Cornelis Wobma
skipper of the hooker De Bode (1677)

Machtild van Rosendael born 1662
baptized 8 October 1662, Cape Town 17

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