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Adriaan Willemsz van Brakel 1
carpenter in VOC service
later free settler
born Hergtenbosch 3
died circa March 1699 4
will dated 9 January 1699
He first appears in the muster rolls of Company servants at
the Cape in April 1664 as a carpenter and appears thus again
in 1665, but in 1666 he is listed as a Master carpenter and
continutes such until 1672 (between 1673 and 1684 no lists of
company officials names survive) appearing again in 1685 as
one of the married officials (no trade or rank specified) with
his wife, Sara van Rosendael and five children.

His life as an official seems to overlap his life as a free person,
for in 1682 he appears in the muster rolls of free persons for the
first time and in 1686 (the next surviving roll) he appears again
and so continues until 1698. There is no surviving roll for 1699.

The inventory, dated 29th September 1699, drawn up after his
death, is stated in that document to have been compiled by his
daughters Elisabeth and Maria van Brakel, two of his six surviving
children, and that they present the inventory to the honourable
members of the Orphan Chamber and to their own guardian,
Willem ten Damme and his wife Helena Reijnsten.

The children are given as listed in his will dated 9th January 1699.

married 28 May 1670 at Cape Town 5

Sara van Rosendael






1679 -



b. c1683


1686 -

1687 -



children of Adriaan Willemsz van Brakel and Sara van Rosendael

Willem van Brakel born 1671
born 1671 6
baptized 12 April 1671, Cape Town 7

Elisabeth van Brakel born 1673
born 1673 8
baptized 12 March 1673, Cape Town 9

Elisabeth van Brakel 10 born 1674
born 1674 11
baptized 13 May 1674, Cape Town 12
 married (1) 25 July 1701 Stellenbosch 14

Hans Jurgen Grimpe 13 died before 1703
died before 1703, (assumed from date of next marriage) 15
 married (2) 7 June 1703 Stellenbosch 17

Adam Tas 16

Jacobus van Brakel born 1676
born 1676 18
baptized 12 April 1676, Cape Town 19

Maria van Brakel born 1677
born 1677, at the Cape
baptized 30 May 1677, Cape Town
 married (1) 22 January 1702 Cape Town

Jacobus Louw 20 1679-1713
contractor for the supply of meat to the Company
of The Cape
 married (2) circa July 1723 at the Cape

Jan Valk 21 born circa 1681

Jacobus van Brakel 1679-before 1713
born 1679
baptized 19 May 1679, Cape Town
died before July 1713
 married 22 January 1702 Stellenbosch

Margareta Elbertsz 22 1686-before 1713

Jacobus van Brakel 23 born 1681
born 1681 24
baptized 5 January 1681, Cape Town 25

Hermanus van Brakel born 1682
born 1682 26
baptized 13 December 1682, Cape Town 27

Harmanus van Brakel born circa 1683
born circa 1683 28
baptized 2 January 1684, Cape Town 29

Magteld van Brakel born 1685
born 1685 30
baptized 25 February 1685, Cape Town 31

Harmanus van Brakel 32 1686-circa 1728
born 1686 33
baptized 30 June 1686, Cape Town 34
died circa October 1728 35
 married 1 April 1708 Stellenbosch 37

Geertruij van den Bijl 36

Notes: In her petition to the Council of Policy, 15th June 1723, she
states that she, with her husband, had five children, three of whom
were still living at that date.

That for the first nine years of their marriage he was a good husband,
even tempered and considerate (betaamt en toestaat) but that over
the last six years he had been ruined by becoming a drunkard, which
was not only reflected in his domestic affairs and occupation, and in
beating his wife, but he was no longer providing for his family, reducing
her children to begging.

The farm was falling into ruin, the animals no longer tended, the slaves
fleeing because of his brutality in his drunken state. He was refusing to
see his wife, forcing his eldest son to drink with him and, in his worst
states asking his children for rope with which to hang himself.

She therefore requested permission to sue for divorce, which permission
was granted.

(Source: Resolusies van die Politieke Raad, C. 66, pp. 69-91.
Dingsdagh den 15 Junij 1723, voormiddags

Leendert van Brakel 38 1687-1713
born 1687 39
baptized 5 October 1687, Cape Town 40
died 4 July 1713 41

Notes: He died at the height of the smallpox epidemic
at the Cape, apparently in the home of his brother-in-law
Jacobus Louw, making his will verbally to the Clerk who
was there making Jacobus Louw's will.

Barbera van Brakel 42 born 1688
born 1688, (assumed from muster rolls) 43
baptized 14 November 1688, Cape Town 44

Maghtill van Brakel born 1690
born 1690 45
baptized 31 March 1690, Cape Town 46

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