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Hendrik ter Meulen
Geertruijd Levring
Hendrik Elbertsz
died circa 1696
Aletta ter Meulen
circa 1649-circa 1711
Gerrit Elbertsz 1
farmer 2
of In de Hoek, Vierentwintigrivieren 3
born 1679, at the Cape 4
baptized 5 November 1679, Cape Town 5
died 17 July 1713 6
Gerrit and his wife would both seem to have died in 1713, she before
the 5th July and he around the 17th July. Four other of his brothers
died in the same year, Jan, Willem, Isaak and Claas Elbertsz.
Presumably they all died in the smallpox epidemic of that year.

(sources: Verlore Dokumentasie oor die Gemeente Stellenbosch
van 1689 tot 1725, by Ockert Malan, in Capensis 2/2000
Inventory of the goods of Gerrit Elbertsz, MOOC 8/3, 45,
In: Die Boedelinventarisse van Erflaters in die Distrik Stellenbosch
1679-1806, transcribed by Annemarie Krzesinski-De Windt, published
by Stellenbosch Museum 2002, page 148ff.

married 6 December 1711 at Stellenbosch 7

Johanna Cok
died before 1713

b. c1712

children of Gerrit Elbertsz and Johanna Cok

Hendrik Elbertsz born circa 1712
born circa December 1712 8

Notes: He was alive on 5th July 1713 when he
was named in the will of Christina van Loveren and
Willem van Zijl, who stated that he was to be included
among their heirs, receiving an equal portion with
their children, stating that they bequeathed this as
grandfather and grandmother.

He is not mentioned in their will of 1722 so he had
presumably died before that.

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