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Christina van Loveren
born circa 1671, Amsterdam 1
died 1730 2
will dated 11 February 1730 3
She is possibly the Christina who was baptised on 6th June 1673 in the
Oude Kerk Amsterdam, the child of Jan Juriaansz and Annetje Jans. This
possibility is given some weight by the fact that her aunt, named as Sara
Jurriaansz, assisted her at the ondertrouw ceremony in 1694.

When she registered her intention to marry, in the Amsterdam Ondertrouw
register, dated 12th Novmeber 1694, she declared that she was 21 years old
and that her parents were dead. When she made her will in July 1713 she
was stated to be 38 years old, a discrepancy of 2 years.

(My thanks to Bernard de Vries for copies of the baptism, marriage and
ondertrouw records and for bringing them to my attention

In their joint will of 1713 she and her husband, Willem van Zijl, bequeathed to
Hendrik Elbertsz, infant son of the deceased Johanna Cok and Gerrit Elbertsz,
a share in their estate equal to those of their children, stating that they did
this as grandfather and grandmother.

Her Deceased Estate Accounts are dated 1730. There is an item of
burial expenses to Hendrik Nusser dated 19th October 1730.

married 28 November 1694 at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam 4

Willem Willemsz van Zijl
circa 1668-circa 1727
in 1694 in Amsterdam, he was a gardener,
at the Cape first a gardner with the VOC
and then a free farmer 5
of Vreed' en Lust, Drakenstein 6

1695 -









children of Christina van Loveren and Willem Willemsz van Zijl

Willemina van Zijl 1695-1763
born 1695, Haarlem
baptized 21 October 1695, Statie St Anna, Haarlem
died 1 November 1763
 married (1) 6 May 1714 Stellenbosch

Jan Durand 7 died circa 1727
 married (2) 4 October 1727 Drakenstein

Jacobus Louw Pietersz: 8 1700-before 1778
of De Doornfonteijn, a loan farm on the Klijne Paardeberg

Albertus van Zijl 9

Johannes van Zijl 10 born 1700
born 1700, at the Cape 11
baptized 4 July 1700, Cape Town 12

Hendrina van Zijl born 1701
born 1701 13
baptized 30 October 1701, Cape Town 14

Notes: She is not mentioned in the Estate Accounts
drawn up in 1732 after her mother's death, and since
only 8 children are mentioned in her father's Estate
Accounts of 1728, all 8 of whom are named in the later
1730, accounts, she presumably died before the year
1726 without leaving any heirs.

Gideon van Zijl 15 born 1703
born 1703 16
baptized 9 December 1703, Drakenstein 17

Pieter van Zijl 18 born 1706
born 1706 19
baptized 12 December 1706, Drakenstein 20

Hester van Zijl 21 born 1709
born 1709 22
baptized 20 April 1709, Stellenbosch 23

Notes: She was baptised in April 1709 and
her sister Christina in September of the same year.


Henrik Nusscher

Christina van Zijl 24 born 1709
born 1709 25
baptized 14 September 1709, Stellenbosch 26

Notes: She and her sister Hester wer both
baptised in 1709, Hester in April and she in September.

A child, WilhelmChristiaans Frappé, was baptised at
Drakenstein 19th January 1727, witnesses Willem van
Zeijl and Christina van Loveren.


Hendrik Frappé

Johanna van Zijl 27 born 1718
born 1718 28
baptized 11 December 1718, Drakenstein 29

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