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Jacobus Louw Pietersz:
1700-before 1778
Willemina van Zijl
Pieter Wiese
1718-circa 1780
Margaretha Swart
Jacobus Gideon Louw de oude
circa 1730-circa 1814
Hester Wiese
1741-before 1781
Jacobus Gideon Louw 1
of Bottelfontein, across the Berg River in the Cape District 2
Veldkornet of Tulbagh
born 8 January 1760
baptized 10 February 1760, Swartland 3
died circa 1816 4
The details of the family come from the Estate Accounts of
Jacobus Gideon Louw Jacobuszoon and Helena van Aarden,
drawn up in 1816.

married 28 January 1781 at Swartland 5

Helena Anthonia van Aarden
died circa 1818

Jacobus Gideon


Hester Maria

Susanna Hendrina

Helena Petronella
1793 -

Anna Jacboa
b. c1802

children of Jacobus Gideon Louw and Helena Anthonia van Aarden

Jacobus Gideon Louw 6

Johannes Louw 7

Hester Maria Louw 8

Daniel Jacobus Louw Danielzoon 9

Susanna Hendrina Louw 10

Elias Albertus Nel Albertuszoon 11

Helena Petronella Louw 1793-circa 1810
born 3 July 1793
baptized 26 January 1794
died circa 1810, (assumed from date of his next marriage)
 married 2 April 1808 Tulbagh

Jacobus Hendrik Smit 12 1785-circa 1829

Anna Jacboa Louw born circa 1802
born circa 1802 13

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