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Jacobus Louw
Maria van Brakel
born 1677
Philip Morkel
Maria Bibouw
1692-circa 1713
Johannes Louw Jacobsz:
Elisabeth Morkel
circa 1711-circa 1752
Adriaan Louw Jan Jacobz: 1
farmer 2
born circa 1752, at the Cape 3
died circa 1797 4
will dated 20 January 1772
and filed 29 October 1797
for a note on his parentage see below#

married 3 March 1771 at Drakenstein 5

Elisabeth du Toit

Andries Jacobus
1773 -

Elisabeth Maria

Alida Hendrina

children of Adriaan Louw and Elisabeth du Toit

Andries Jacobus Louw 1773-1837
born 1773, Wagenmakersvalley
baptized 14 March 1773, Tulbagh
died 1 January 1837, at the farm of A A Louw of Vogel Valley
 married 24 September 1797 Swartland

Helena Sophia Basson 6 died circa 1807

Elisabeth Maria Louw born 1775
born 1775 7
baptized 7 May 1775, Drakenstein 8

Alida Hendrina Louw born 1779
born 1779 9
baptized 18 July 1779, Drakenstein 10

# The parents of Adriaan Louw Jan Jacobz:

When he made his will in 1772 he stated that he had no parents then
living but he signed himself: Aderij= Louw Janz, indicating that his
father's name had been Jan. He is named as Adrian Louw Jan Jacobz:
in his mother-in-law's will of 1798 (his elder brother, Jacobus, was also
given the patronymic of Jan Jacobsz:. This establishes him as the son
of Johannes Louw Jacobsz: and Elizabeth Morkel.

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