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When did the Slabbert family arrive at the Cape?


In his article published in Familia1 in 1987 C.E.Hulstaert points out that on 11 January 1699 Huybregtje Jaspers was present in Aagtekerke as a witness to the baptism of Pieter, the son of Gideon Slabbert, and that on the 21st November 1700, Neeltje Slabbert married Robbert Brand in Cape Town.


Dr Lesley A. Robertson has transcribed documents at the Rijksarchief in the Hague2, which state that Floris Slabbert arrived at the Cape during 1699 on the ship 'Sion'.

According to Dutch East India Company records3, the ship 'Sion', in the service of the Zeeland Chamber of the Company, left Wielingen (the roadstead south of Vlissingen) on route to Ceylon on 19th May 1699, arriving at Cape Town on 27th October 1699 (it left Cape Town on 20th November and arrived in Ceylon on 22nd February 1700).

These two sources taken together suggest that Floris Slabbert and, presumably, his wife and children, arrived at the Cape at the end of October 1699.


My own research has found evidence in the early membership list that appears in the Stellenbosch Congregation Baptismal Registers4, that seems to suggest that Floris Slabbert and Huijbrechtje Japersz:  were inscribed as members of the Stellenbosch Congregation at some date between 1698 and the end of June 1700. This rather broad dating would be consistent with their arrival in October 1699.

The above notes were written and researched by Richard Ball ©2003
using microfilmed copies of the Stellenbosch church registers consulted at the Eaton (Norwich) Family History Centre of the Latter Day Saints, data from two internet sites as detailed below and the magazine Familia, and with help from Bob Kernkamp.

Hulstaert, C.E., Groningen, Nederland, Het Gezin van de Stamvader Floris Slabbert, in Familia vol 24, part 4, 1987 - page 76-77

Rijksarchief, s'Gravenhage. Kopie-rol van gekwalificeerde civiele en militaire VOC-dienaren in Kaap der Goede Hoop. (Qualified civilian and military VOC staff at the Cape),
31 August 1725, call number 12610. Transcribed from one of the 42 books in this call group at the Rijksarchief in the Hague by: 
Dr Lesley A. Robertson CBiol FIBiol, Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology. This date is published, with written permission from Dr Robertson, on the Andre van Rensburg's Stamouers van Suid Afrika web site. 

This data was obtained from the web site De VOC Site where the sources for the information on the ship 'Sion' are given as:
a.J.R. Bruijn, F.S. Gaastra, I. Schöffer: Dutch-Asiatic Shipping in the 17th and 18th centuries, Volumes 2 and 3, published 1979-1987 by the Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis
b.Dam, Pieter van, 1927. Beschrijvinge van de Oostindische Compagnie, eerste boek, deel 1. published 1927. - p. 480 ev.

Stellenbosch Congregation, baptismal register, page 146

persoonen die haer belydenis hebben gedaen of behoorlyke 
attestatie vertoont (no dates for the early entries in this list)

page 150, (change of handwriting)
(next four entries in same handwriting - in the doop register 
this handwriting appears between 1698 and 27 June 1700)
Jan Jansen en 
Marij Maijcons

florijse Slabberd }
huijbertijn jaspers } vertrocken

(another change of handwriting)

[Hevenbed] van Laar
met behoorlyke attestatie 
van Amsterdam den 29 Juni 1700

en desselfs huysvrouw
Maria Engelbrecht

(after this the date June 1700 follows)

(in the reference above, text in italics indicates direct quotes from the documents).

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